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Getting Feared From Coronavirus-

Getting Feared From Coronavirus
Looking spiritual assistance throughout very problematic times is usual. But in this time of
coronavirus, with some people having shifted away from their religion, few are stressed to find
connection and words that can give encouragement and support.
Fear of coronavirus and Spirit of life
Wisdom, compassion and virtue can be available within all that is actually humane. Like,
generosity, patience, tolerance and forgiveness. This worldwide essence of life has an
immeasurable capacity to make things good happen in between the chaos and rage of worldly
events. The attractiveness available in nature, the force of life available in healing and
development, and the enormity of the space of stars - even all come to mind.
The furtive Coronavirus is treating in a manner that even specialists find tough to explain. The
disease starts unexplained cases and phenomena that are unsuited with the clarification that the
harshness of the disease completely depends on background and age illnesses. Here are some
Healthy and young people in their 20's that contract the illness, die.
Old age people more than the age of 100 years have recovered. They felt just Fever,
Shortness of Breath, Trouble Breathing, Pneumonia and Dry Cough.
There are some people that contract the illness without even feeling the problem.
There are some people that recovered from the Covid19 and contracted it once again.
Some experts believe that there can be two strains, one more aggressive and one mild.
These coronavirus cases must lead, also people that are not specialists in the field, to the
assumption that there is one more significant risk factor. This risk factor can certainly be, as
explained below, the exposure level to the Coronavirus, or, you can say that the number of
deadly viruses to which the particular body is exposed.
Immune system of the body is very similar to a national army. The healthier and younger the
person, the stronger their military. At the time foreign as well as hostile viruses attack the body,
powerful soldiers of the immune system instantly mobilize to keep secure it. The supposition
by which fit and healthy people, without any type of background illnesses, can overwhelmed
the deadly virus, is only based on the overall quality of their immune system, but doesn’t think
about the quantity, like the arithmetical balance of power between the total number of immune
system cells as well as the number of the aggressive viruses. To know better the level to which
exposure to the coronavirus can be dangerous, we will offer two different examples of
retrenchment - one by a fit young person that spent their time with patients for some days
without keeping a distance, and other one, a fit young person that just touched an area some
hours after it was visible to the virus. Obviously, the immune system of the person exposed to
a "small" amount of virus cells can overwhelmed them simply compare to the immune system
of a person exposed to a lot larger amount of the virus cells.