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Some Important Thoughts About Coronavirus Pandemic

Some Important Thoughts About Coronavirus Pandemic
With the whole world fastening under the tension of the domino coronavirus effect on
society, and people searching different methods to fight with the stress of it all, it appeared
suitable to drop some observations into the pot.
It doesn’t do any best to become paralyzed with anxiety and fear over this thing. Same as a
wildfire or a hurricane, these things is coming along and they kill people. And it even will
pass. We have to be conscious, sensible, and super-hygenic, remaining peaceful and drinking
enough amount of tea to make us feel good! It is even suggested you to stay away from social
gathering and take proper treatments of these:
Shortness of Breath
Trouble Breathing
Dry Cough
Just to reiteration at this point, the evasion actions you can take next to the virus: clean your
hands with anti-bacterial soap after touching something outside your home. Never touch your
face at all until you have cleaned your hands. Never get near than 2 metres to some other
people. Neverassemble in crowds. You should utilize good-quality hand sanitizer if you
cannotclean your hands, and after that you should clean them with water and soap as soon as
you are able. Do not shake your hands with anybody, and obviously, no kissing someone
outside of your own home or family. Eliminate physical touch with anyone outside your
house until this is over.
A few people say that it is a chastisement from God for the iniquities of the leaders of the
nations that can well be true. Some others say that the Chinese started this virus on
determination in order to drive down overseas stocks thus they could purchase up western
companies at a part of their price. It is even a possibility. Some others say it was happened by
the unhygienic wild animal eating routine of the Chinese that caused the virus to obstacle
species that is the most famous theory. Still I am collating all the details and sifting out the
duplicate news to try to make some sense of the outbreak. What is very sure is that it was
happened by a mixture of poverty and greed.
What we really want to do is support those people that have tested positive, send them some
messages of hope and encouragement. Even, you should be super supportive of doctors and
nursing, and even any of those people that have to keep on doing work to confirm that you
have enough amount of food and supplies. You have to be kind to everyone at this pandemic
time, putting apart petty irritations. You can see that now everyone is nervous to some level,
so you should try your best to give people some rope, and always be cheering.
If you are quarantined, get pleasure from the time with your family (in case they are with
you) and similarly if your area is in lockdown. You should make the most of the condition,
thus good will come of this complete episode.