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Gaceta de la Republica number 62 of 3 March 1937

Gaceta de la Republica
number 62 of 3 March 1937
Ministry of the Navy and Air Force
Service Circular
As a continuation to the Ministerial service circular of 5 November 1936
(service decree of the Ministry of the Navy and Air force number 223 and
the following 6 of December* (Gazette of the Republic number 343) This
Ministry has resolved to introduce modifications to the Regulation Uniform
of the Air Arm and to describe the emblems for each specialty of said Arm.
Summer Dress Uniform
White Jacket, with one line of large gold buttons, with equal
distance between each, the lowest below the belt line. Open Collar,
a pocket on each side of the chest, with flaps closed by small
buttons. With rectangular cloth shoulder boards in a deep blue
color, angled in the front, 6 centimeters wide and 14 centimeters
long, with a small button inside the angle. At one centimeter from
the rear end of the board, will be placed the emblem of rank with
red star over the peck of the stripe. White pants, straight leg with
crease. White canvas shoes with soles of material. (Hemp?)
White socks. Gloves of white thread, that will be used for specially
determined occasions.
Work Uniform
A gray work uniform, also made up of a Jacket, with four bellow
pockets and flaps, closed by small gold buttons, and five large gold
buttons closing the garment the same as the White jacket. Also the
shoulder boards with emblems. With this uniform the gray
breeches pants can be used for flight.
This Gray uniform replaces the Blue work uniform as sited in the Service
Decree of 6 December 1936 (Gazette de la Republic number 343) Also the
blue pants are able to be used with the Gray Canadian Jacket.
Hat Shield
A circle of deep blue color, 65 millimeters in diameter, composed of the
emblem of the Arm (Wings) 60 millimeters in length, with red star, and on
the lower portion the emblem of rank in the form of horizontal stripes, 40
millimeters in length. The peck of the stripe will be 10 millimeters, counting
from the bottom of the stripe. The separation between stripes on the hat will
be 2 millimeters. The bullion will be 15 mm wide by 40 mm in length.
The badges for the Canadian and airfield cap, will be the same dimensions
as described for the hat.
Description of the Emblems of Specialty
General Emblem of the Arm
This consists of two unfurled wings, embroidered in silver, with a red disc in
the center. On the top rests a five-pointed red star.
This emblem shall be used for all specialties with the only exception being,
that the attribute corresponding to each specialty, will be placed over the red
Balloon Pilot
A vertical Anchor embroidered in gold on the red disc.
Dirigible Pilot
A Rudder steering wheel embroidered in gold.
A four bladed propeller embroidered in gold.
Seaplane Pilot
A four bladed propeller with an Anchor on top, all embroidered in gold.
Fighter Pilot
A four bladed propeller, embroidered in gold, and embroidered over it in
cobalt blue silk, a stylized Bird in sloping flight. This emblem will be worn
even while in the training period.
Balloon Observer
A silver five pointed star inside the red disc.
Aircraft Observer
A gold five pointed star equally placed as in the above.
Aircraft Navigator
Beneath the general emblem of the Arm, coinciding with the vertical
diameter of the disc, will be placed on an angle, a five pointed shooting star
in cobalt blue silk.
Aeronautical Engineer
Beneath the general emblem of the Arm, and p-laced horizontally, will be
two five pointed stars, embroidered in gold.
Two Hammers crossed like an X, embroidered in gold.
Three zig-zag lines joined at the bottom (no color indicated)
Radio – Machine gunner- Bombardier
A bomb placed vertically embroidered in cobalt blue silk, from left to right a
machine gun, and from right to left a zig-zag line. Both signs embroidered in
A bomb, as described, and placed the same as above. Over this embroidered
in gold an aircraft machine gun in a horizontal position.
Two Rifles crossed in the form of an X, an a vertical Mallet, all embroidered
in gold.
A Camera embroidered in black and gray silk inside the red disc.
Mechanic – Auto Driver
A Tourist vehicle (Bus?) embroidered in gold and placed horizontally on the
red disc.
A zig-zag line embroidered in gold on an oblique angle from right to left
pointing towards the bottom.
Chemical Warfare
A Gas Mask embroidered in gold, looking towards the left.
An opened parachute embroidered in gold.
Flight Engineer
A toothed wheel (Gear?) embroidered in gold in place of the red disc, who’s
interior is embroidered in white silk, and placed vertically a needle and
graduations of an instrument embroidered in black.
Silver Maltese cross on the red disc.
The emblems for the work uniform will be the same colors and
characteristics, but be embroidered in washable silk.
16 February 1937
Indalecio Prieto
* a new Spanish book on Air Force uniforms list this date as 8 December,
but could be a misprint.