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Vegetarian Food Near Me

Vegetarian Food Near Me
Check out the list of all best Pure Veg restaurants near you in London
and book through Wok Stop London to get various offers, discounts,
cash backs at these restaurants.
*Egg Noodles cooked with stir fried vegetables and
Indochinese spices
Chicken Noodles £6.95
Chicken Katsu Noodles £6.95
*coated & Crispy chicken pieces
Duck Noodles £6.95
Seafood Noodles £6.95
*prawns and squid
Prawn Noodles £6.95
Tofu Noodles (V) £5.95
Vegetable Hakka Noodles (V)
Dry Chilli Chicken £7.95
*deeply marinated chicken pieces cooked in Indochinese
sauces & spices
Chicken in Indo Garlic Sauce £7.95
*stir fried chicken pieces cooked in indo-garlic sauce
Smokey Wings £4.95
Hot Smokey Wings £4.95
*hot sticky wings cooked in smokey Indochinese
Creation Wings £4.95
*sticky wings cooked in indochinese spices
Duck Spring Rolls £4.95
Chicken Spring Rolls £4.95
Prawn Spring Rolls £4.95
Calamari £6.95
*squid battered fried in salt & pepper & hot indo-garlic
Momos/ Dumplings £6.50
*chicken or Prawn
Battered Fish Manchurian £8.95
*Deeply marinated fish pieces, battered and tossed in
manchurian sauce
About Wok Stop London
Firmly established in the Indian culinary milieu now, these
dishes define the Indian Chinese food experience. our
restaurant menu offers a selection of dishes from different
regions of China, however all of which have the
unique Indian Chinese touch sitting on the same page.
Asian food inspired by Indochinese flavours, serving a range of
halal non-vegetarian, seafood and vegetarian dishes. Customers
can watch the Chefs in action whilst they prepare and cook dishes
in the flaming wok.
All dishes are freshly prepared and cooked in front of our
customers in the restaurant. Just tell us how you like it!
We take special care in ensuring our food is fresh, halal and locally
Customer service is at the heart of our business and its one of the
reasons why we decided to allow our customers to watch their food
being freshly prepared by our friendly and welcoming Wok Stop
London team!
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Contact us:
0203 393 9473