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Marlborough Restaurant

Marlborough Restaurant
An Nam Vietnamese Grill is your Marlborough restaurant that offers
Vietnamese grill and cuisine at best rates. Order online and enjoy quick delivery
services. View our cuisines and dishes here.
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Shrimp Summer Rolls
2 pieces garlic chilis shrimps with noodle, lettuce, cucumber, carrots,
cilantro wrapped in rice paper, served with house peanut butter sauce.
An Choi Fries
Cajun garlic fries topped with grilled steak, grilled onion, chicken liver pate,
fried egg, cilantro, side pickles.
An Choi
Select all that apply
Xtra Pate (+ $1.50)
Add Egg (+ $1.2
Xtra Onion (+ $1.00)
Xtra Protein (+ $3.50)
Imperial Rolls
3 pieces crispy rolls stuffed with pork, nappa cabbage, carrot, onion, glass
vermicelli, wood ear mushroom served with house sauce or ponzu.
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Light Cooked
No Sauce
Xtra Sauce (+ $0.50)
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Address: 222 E Main st
Marlborough, MA, US