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Best Lawn Mowing Services in Deer Park

Best Lawn Mowing Services in Deer Park
Jim’s Mowing – The Ultimate Lawn & Garden Care Professionals – Call Jim’s
Mowing: 131 546
Welcome to Jim’s Mowing Deer park, we’re here for all you lawn mowing needs and much
more. We have always enjoyed working with our hands in the fresh air. To us, nothing is more
wasteful than allowing a great garden to become overgrown and unusable. Renovating a
garden that has been let go, is for us a very satisfying experience.
We can also help you choose the best combination of plants for your soil and water table. We
can also advise you on which plants will work best in your garden, and how to care for them
and keep them healthy.
There are two aspects of our job which we enjoy the most. Firstly, making sure that every one
of our customers receives the best service possible. It is our view that we can only offer you
the best lawn and garden in the street if our blades are nice and sharp. Grass tops will be cut
neatly, without damaging the stalk, meaning you won’t have a brown garden in a few days,
due to damaged grass. Lawn edgings will be ruler straight, highlighting the shape of your
driveway and path.
We take the health and safety of ourselves and our customers very seriously. We will always
place warning signs in the areas of your garden that where we are working in, so that you,
your family and your neighbours will not come to harm.
Quite often, our customers are not at home while we are working on their garden. With Jim’s
Mowing you come home to the fresh smell of newly mowed lawn, sharply cut lawn edges and
neatly shaped hedges- without the sweat and stress of maintaining it. What could be more
enjoyable than returning home to find your garden looking pristine?
We put great faith in providing an exceptional customer experience, and enjoy being part of
the Jim’s Mowing team, with their great reputation for putting the customer first. We am fully
trained in all safety aspects of garden maintenance, and have been accredited with a full,
current police check. When we am working in your garden, even if you are out, we will work
safely and efficiently, in the true Jim’s Mowing tradition. To find out more, and get a quote
for your garden maintenance, call 131 546.
Jim’s Mowing Deer park provide the following lawn and garden services:
Tree pruning & trimming
Lawn mowing deer park
Edge trimming
Hedge clipping
Aerating of lawns
Turf laying and repair
Irrigation supply and installation
Garden maintenance
Top dressing and fertilising
Gutter cleaning
Garden clean up
Rubbish removal
Commercial mowing
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