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Popular Lawn Mowing Alfredton

Popular Lawn Mowing Alfredton
Jim’s Mowing – The Ultimate Lawn & Garden Care Professionals – Call
Jim’s Mowing: 131 546
Hello and thank you for visiting our lawn mowing Alfredton page. We feel we
are in our perfect job as the franchisee of the local Jim’s Mowing. We love the
challenge of turning an overgrown and unkempt property into a neat and tidy
garden with perfectly manicured lawns! Our customers see an overgrown mess.
We see the potential for a stunning garden hiding underneath. Jim’s Mowing can
tackle many more tasks than simply mowing a lawn.
Jim’s Mowing can help you with all of your garden related tasks, from complete
renovations and landscaping. We can also provide you with advice on drought
tolerant plants, and irrigation systems for your property.
There are two aspects of our job which we enjoy the most. Firstly, making sure
that every one of our customers receives the best service possible. It is our view
that we can only offer you the best lawn and garden in the street if our blades are
nice and sharp. When we cut your grass, it won’t turn brown in a few days’ time,
as our blades are razor sharp, cutting the grass tops without damaging the stalks.
Your lawn edging will be straight as a die and sharp as a knife, pure perfection.
Safety is something we take very seriously. We always wear high visibility
protective clothing while working on your garden. We will also clearly mark the
areas we We’re working in with signs, so you know which parts of the garden are
safe to use, and which are not.
If you happen to be out when we arrive at your home to maintain your garden,
then you are in for a special treat. When you come home, your garden will be in
tip-top condition, with the smell of fresh cut grass in the air, and accurately
trimmed edgings. Hedges will be shaped and trimmed, and we will clean up all
of the waste once we are finished. And of course, as we are doing the hard work,
all you have to do is simply to sit back and enjoy your clean and tidy garden.
My customers are the core of our business. Without them, we would not be able
to do the job we love doing. So, we always go to whatever lengths necessary to
ensure that they are happy with the service we provide, and the work that we do.
We are fully trained in all safety protocols relating to garden care, and we have
police check accreditation. We also have a 100% guarantee on our work, so if
you are not happy with it we will fix it! If you require nothing less than
exceptional, quality service please call 131 546 to have us quote and service your
lawn and garden care needs.
Jim’s Mowing Alfredton provide the following lawn and garden services:
Hedge clipping
Tree pruning & trimming
Lawn mowing alfredton
Edge trimming
Aerating of lawns
Turf laying and repair
Irrigation supply and installation
Garden maintenance
Top dressing and fertilising
Rubbish removal
Commercial mowing
Gutter cleaning
Garden clean up