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Find Best Lawn Mowing Epping

Find Best Lawn Mowing Epping
Jim’s Mowing – The Ultimate Lawn & Garden Care Professionals – Call Jim’s
Mowing: 131 546
Welcome to Jim’s Mowing Epping, we’re here for all you lawn mowing needs and much more.
We feel we are in our perfect job as the franchisee of the local Jim’s Mowing. We’re no flower
grower though, we prefer working on projects where we can get our hands dirty, such as
clearing an overgrown garden, and turning it into an attractive open-air space. Nothing
pleases us more than turning an out of control lawn into something that you would be proud
to own. Whatever you need, Jim’s Mowing can cover it. Don’t let the name fool you, we are
far more than a lawn mowing firm.
We can assist with every garden maintenance task, and even help you to choose the right
plants. We will suggest plants that we know will flourish in your garden, and how best to
maintain them.
Apart from taking a lot of pride in doing a great job for our customers, we take a lot of pride
in our equipment and make sure it is operating in top condition. Good tools are the secret of
doing a great job. All of our tools are sharp, reliable and of the highest quality, and this shows
in the results of our work. Your grass will be cut without damaging the stem, so it won’t go
brown a few days later, the edges of your lawn will be cut razor sharp, and once the clippings
are cleared away, your driveway and path will look brand new.
Safety is also a major issue and something we take very seriously. We always wear high
visibility protective clothing while working on your garden. We will also clearly mark the areas
we We’re working in with signs, so you know which parts of the garden are safe to use, and
which are not.
Quite often, our customers are not at home while we are working on their garden. With Jim’s
Mowing you come home to the fresh smell of newly mowed lawn, sharply cut lawn edges and
neatly shaped hedges- without the sweat and stress of maintaining it. All you need to do is
enjoy your garden once we have maintained it for you.
Without our great customer base, we would not have a business. Therefore, we always
commit ourselves to doing everything we can to make every customer happy, every time.
Being part of the Jim’s Mowing family, means we have a duty to safeguard their reputation.
Therefore, if you are ever unhappy with any of the work we do in your garden, we will always
correct the problem. We have been police vetted and am fully trained in the safety aspects
of garden care. When we am working in your garden, even if you are out, we will work safely
and efficiently, in the true Jim’s Mowing tradition. To find out more, and get a quote for your
garden maintenance, call 131 546.
Jim’s Mowing Epping provide the following lawn and garden services:
Edge trimming
Hedge clipping
Tree pruning & trimming
Lawn Mowing Epping
Aerating of lawns
Turf laying and repair
Irrigation supply and installation
Garden maintenance
Top dressing and fertilising
Gutter cleaning
Garden clean up
Rubbish removal
Commercial mowing
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