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Food companies and hygienically impeccable packagi

Food companies and hygienically
impeccable packaging
When a food company makes the decision to renovate or buy industrial equipment,
the investment costs depend on variables such as plant expansion, investment in
new technologies, production ranges established by equipment, among others.
However, a company can invest around 7% of sales in the purchase of new
machinery and equipment, depending on the objectives set for that year.
1) Having specialized personnel: The assistance of specialized personnel with
technical skills and knowledge of machinery is relevant when choosing a Bottle
Loaders. The support starts from the first moment you meet the distributor, since
the advisor must know in detail what he is offering.
2) Logistics service: When purchasing Bottle Unloaders, it is important to have a
supplier that provides security and confidence, and that brings your products to your
3) Multiple sales channels: It is necessary that when purchasing machinery, the
supplier provides effective and transparent support. In other words, it offers
different platforms and purchasing methods, since this gives support and
4) The machinery on the other hand must have the following parameters:
 Use requirements: Have the use specifications
 Specialization of the machine: Place and working conditions to which the
equipment is exposed.
 Price: It must be adapted to the budget without neglecting the quality of the
 Maintenance cost: That repairs and parts are easily accessible.
 References from other companies that have acquired it: Seek opinions, criticisms
and recommendations from companies that
 are already using this machinery to tell them about its operation.
Future forecast: Machinery must not only solve the current situation, but must
adapt to future situations.
There are many factors that must be taken into account when buying Crate
Washers. But if you prioritize the ones we previously provided, you will obtain
greater profitability and quality in the products you make in your food factory.
It is important to invest in machinery because it is the operations centre of your
company, but if you consult with suppliers, not only can you save, but you can also
find the most suitable equipment for your needs.
The machine is designed to wash various types of plastic boxes and their lids; it
provides an effective cleaning and disinfection process.
The washing of the boxes is carried out by the influence of the detergent
solution in the box.
The main washing area is equipped with a circulation pump, which provides the
supply of detergent solution from the tank to the nozzles.
The wash solution in the wash area circulates through the overheated tank. The
tank has a mesh filter where the solution is cleaned of insoluble impurities.
The detergent is automatically introduced into the tank.
After passing the washing area, the boxes enter the rinsing area with clean
water. The rinsing is carried out with clean running water supplied from the
water supply network.
Use in combination with a box drying machine is recommended.