Français II Nom____________________ Leçon 20

Français II
Leçon 20
Dites les phrases en français. Attention au temps du verbe (verb tense).
1. (talking to one person) Hurry up and go to bed !
2. (talking to one person) Sit Down! Don’t get up!
3. (talking to two people) Wash up and brush your teeth! And be quiet!
4. Let’s get dressed and go for a walk!
5. This morning Sophie showered but she did not wash her hair.
6. We remembered our vacation.________________________________________
7. You had fun. Vous________________________________________________
8. They did not apologize. ____________________________________________
9. Tomorrow, we are going to rest; we are not going to get up early.
10. I have to stop at the bakery. _______________________________________
11. Do you like to put on make-up?_____________________________________
12. She sat down on the bed.___________________________________________