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Benefits of having water purifier
The purification and filtering systems are water pumps with various ceramic filters. They use
mechanical filtration, activated carbon, separation membranes or reverse osmosis technologies for
microfiltration. There are different systems, such as pleated filters, spool-type, polyfoam, carbon,
disposable sediment or carbon.
The most common and cheapest Doulton Water Filters are installed directly on the tap and allow
different stages of filtering. In addition, they can include disinfection systems using ultraviolet light,
carbonation and deionization of water.
They are composed of the main body that contains the active elements, a porous material pre-filter
to retain suspended particles—the valve or connection system to the tap, which will supply the
water to the system.
Usefullness of water purifier
The benefits of installing Benchtop Water Filters are evident when we think about the difficulties of
accessing drinking water. Take a look at these advantages:
Elimination of microorganisms and particles in suspension.
Reduction of salts and minerals.
Provision of safe water at all times and accessible for the whole family.
Helps to reduce the risk of disease transmission and contamination.
Contribution to environmental care by reducing the consumption of bottled water.
Prevention and reduction of the deterioration of pipes and appliances.
Durability and possibility to replace components and combine with accessories for greater
Types of water purifiers
Stefani Water Filters:
They are installed in any type of faucet. With a modern design and easy cleaning, they guarantee
water free of impurities. They are made of high resistance material. They purify up to 20 litters of
water per hour and retain particles of 15 to 30 microns. They are in white and chrome (white, black
and silver).
Wall Purifier:
Installs on almost any type of faucet. It is made of high resistance material. Filters up to 20 litters of
water per hour and retains 15-30 micron particles. It comes in silver, black and white colors.
Traditional purifier:
Over and under-counter, single and double models. It has one or two stages of filtering, depending
on the model.
Disposable purifiers:
They come in over and under-counter models, single and double, with one or two stages of filtering
depending on the model.
For the water purifier to fulfill its function of providing pure water at all times, it must be kept in
perfect condition.
If you have doubts about the installation, ask for advice or consult a specialized installer.
Check and change the filters periodically, following the manufacturer's instructions. Dirty filters can
become the favorite refuge for all kinds of bacteria.
The initial expense may seem high, but it will be quickly compensated by the benefits for the health
and economy of the home.
According to official reports, only 63% of the population has access to potable water from the
network. Now that you know how it works and what the benefits of a water purifier are don't wait
any longer.
Water purifiers help you to drink safe water can prevent from many diseases. Safe water saves your