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Email Marketing Rewards and Incentives to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Email Marketing Rewards and Incentives to
Keep Your Customers Coming Back
Do you struggle to retain your customers and keep them coming back? You could be missing one
or more critical pieces of an effective customer retention email campaign. In this post, we’ll
cover 5 types of emails to send to your customers that will keep them coming back for more. The
five emails below are critical to any email marketing campaign for ensuring that your customers
keep coming back. These emails can be used as a part of an effective email autoresponder series
so that you can put the entire customer retention process on autopilot.
Onboarding Emails
Onboarding might not be the first thing you think of regarding getting customers coming back
for more. However, brand new customers are the warmest: they are the most likely to return
because your brand and their purchase are still fresh on their minds. Also, if customers don’t use
the product they purchased, then they won’t come back for more later. Getting them to use your
product right away is a critical piece of the puzzle that you can’t ignore, or you’ll risk losing
these customers.
One way to ensure that your new customers complete the onboarding process is by sending an
email 48 hours after sign-up, encouraging them to complete their profile or to take the first step
in using your product. You should also be using onboarding emails to warm up new leads and
encouraging them to make their first purchase. For instance, if you offered a coupon as an
incentive for a prospect to join your email list, make a reminder email a part of your onboarding
Activity Emails
Everyone is comfortable with activity emails, and these tend to me the emails that users are the
happiest to receive. These contain notifications, updates, or summaries of the user’s activity.
Since users are so comfortable with these emails, they are perfect for increasing engagement. In
fact, research shows that activity emails are opened eight times more often than promotional
emails. In other words, if you aren’t sending out transactional emails, you’re missing out on an
opportunity to reach subscribers.
Cross Sells & Up Sells
Remember how customers who just bought are the most likely to buy again? Use this to your
advantage by giving customers who recently purchased the opportunity to buy a related product
(a cross sell) or a higher-end product (an up sell).
VIP Offers
Customers love to feel special. If you encouraged customers to sign up for your email list with
the promise that you would offer them special perks and “VIP” content, then following up on
that guarantee is a must. One of the best ways to do this is to present them with the occasional
“exclusive subscriber offer.” There’s unlimited potential for exclusive content… you just have to
get creative! You can offer discounts, secret products, free samples, courses, webinars, podcasts,
and more.
Whatever you do, be strategic about how you permit users to get access to these offers: you want
them to be truly exclusive to your customers and subscribers. Another great way to reward your
subscribers and keep them engaged with your brand is by offering an exclusive giveaway.
If you do a giveaway, just make sure you don’t fall into the trap of offering something that
anyone would want. If your prize is too generic, you will get low-quality leads.
Survey emails are extremely useful for getting customers to come back, and for getting new
customers as well, because they help you to improve the product itself. You can send surveys to
customers who buy, or leads who didn’t buy your product. You can even send surveys to your
general audience to segment them based on their needs, so that you can create and tailor your
products specifically to each of your segments.
An effective customer retention strategy includes an email marketing campaign that continuously
engages customers all along their journey with your brand. If you miss any one of these critical
components, you could be losing customers to another brand. However, if you include all these
types of emails you could really knock their socks off and obtain loyal customers for life.
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