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Financial Research Proposal

Football players are paid exorbitant amounts of money because without them the industry
wouldn't be as big.
We've heard it many times people questioning why someone like Cristiano Ronaldo is getting
paid 100 million dollars for a new contract when teachers and doctors get paid so little it all boils
down to basic economics how many teachers are there in the world what is the economic impact
of one teacher someone like Cristiano Ronaldo is generating billions of dollars for the industry
and deserves to be paid a fraction of that keep this in mind as we go through the numbers
“Hey everybody, welcome to _Evevo Top 5_!
Today, we’re going to go over the top 10 most paid football athletes in the world
Make sure to watch until number 1, because it’s one of the most amazing _amazing players_ I’ve
ever seen!”
Although they get paid big salaries by their football clubs one of the most important revenue
strings comes from sponsorship deals and winning tournaments like UEFA Champions League
and the World Cup or the national league
Football players are no longer just athletes they've become brands and they know it. Here are the
top 10 richest football players in the world
(13) Mohammed Salah
Salah agreed to a long term contract with Liverpool for 50 million Pound in 2017, which was a
club record. He, thus, became Liverpool’s first-ever Egyptian player and scored in his debut
match against ‘Watford.’ He was named as ‘Player of the Month’ for August by Liverpool fans.
In the 2017 ‘Africa Cup of Nations,’ he turned out as one of the leading goal scorers and helped
his team to the finals. He also earned a place in ‘CAF Team of the Tournament.’
As of 2020, Mohamed Salah’s net worth is $90 Million dollars.
12) Willian:
Willian was born in Ribeirão Pires, Brazil on August 9, 1988. Winger born Willian Borges da
Silva who joined Chelsea in 2013 after spending six years with Shakhtar Donetsk. He became a
member of the Brazilian national team in.
During his first season with the team Corinthians, he made five league appearances and
breakthroughs in the following campaigns where he scored twice in 29 matches for the club.
Willian’s net worth is approximately estimated to be $75 Million, as of 2020.
11) Antoine Griezmann is a French professional soccer player who has a net worth of $94
million. His annual salary is $27 million which in 2019 made him one of the 10 highest-paid
soccer players on the planet.
Griezmann made his senior debut playing for Real Sociedad from 2009 to 2014 where he scored
46 goals in 180 appearances. He joined Atletico Madrid in 2014 and scored 94 goals in his first
180 caps with the club and currently playing for the Spanish Club FC Barcelone. He played an
important role during the 2018 World Cup for France, scoring or setting up eight of the 14 goals
that led the team to victory.
Antoine Griezmann earns big money from his endorsement deals. He signed sponsorship deal
with (Puma) and also appeared in the commercial of the company. The other endorsement deals
that generate massive revenue for the football player are (EA Sports, Beats Electronics, Head &
Shoulders, Gillette and Huawei). He make almost $20 million from the endorsement deals and
most valuable is with Puma.
10) Sergio Ramos: Sergio Ramos is a professional football player from Camas. He is a central
defender, and he currently plays for Spain and Real Madrid.
Ramos has participated in two European Championships and two World Cups, and he has also
won two European championships and 1 World Cup. He is known to be one of the best football
players as a central defender. Ramos became the youngest player in 55 years to have earned a
place in Spain’s national team.
The following year Real Madrid started to recognize Ramos and bought him for 27 million
Euros. Ramos scored his first goal for Real Madrid in December the same year. His contract with
Real Madrid was extended till 2020, as he played a crucial role in his team attaining several
victories. He captained his team, and they also defeated Barcelona under his leadership.
Ramos is one of the strongest defenders in present day football, and he is currently the captain of
Spain’s National Team and Real Madrid.
As of 2020, Sergio Ramos’ net worth is roughly $80 Million dollars which makes him the thirdhighest paid player for Real Madrid
9) Kaka
Kaka‘s source of wealth comes from being a soccer player.
. He currently resides in Gama, Brazil. Attacking midfielder who was born Ricardo Izecson dos
Santos Leite, he won both the the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards in
2007 as a member of AC Milan; played for Real Madrid from 2009 to 2013 and began his long
career with the Brazilian national team in 2002.
Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, commonly known as Kaká or Ricardo Kaká, is a Brazilian
retired professional footballer who played as an attacking midfielder. He played alongside
forward Cristiano Ronaldo on Real Madrid. The majority of the of Kaka‘s wealth comes from
being a soccer player and many endorsement deals
Kaka’s net worth is roughly $100 Million, making him the 8th richest soccer player on the list.
8) Eden Hazard: Eden Hazard is a Belgian professional football player who started his football
career at the age of 4. He spent eight years with the Royal Stade Brainois and then transferred to
Tubize. Currently plays for Chelsea. He is widely known for his defensive playing style as a
midfield player.
He is often described by his colleagues, coaches, and opponents as one of the best players in the
world. In many instances, he has even been compared to players such as Cristiano
Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.
As of 2020, Eden Hazard’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $100 Million dollars, making
him the 10th richest soccer player in the world.
7) Gareth Bale: Many football clubs have always showed interest for him and finally, in the
latter half of 2013, he decided to join Real Madrid. In January of 2014, it was finally relieved to
be 100.8 million Euros, which was a world record at the time, surpassing Cristiano Ronaldo’s 94
He impressed his new team and fans by scoring a goal on his debut against Villarreal. The 201617 season started with Bale signing a new agreement with the club which extended his stay at
Madrid till 2022.
Bale was also set to represent Great Britain in the 2012 London Olympics. There was a
controversy at the time with the Welsh football association, who chose not to be a part of the
Great Britain team.
Bale was ready to defy his national association to be a part of the GB team but eventually, he had
to pull out of the tournament due to a back injury.
As of 2020, Gareth Bale’s net worth is $125 million dollars.
6) Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney forged a remarkable career ever since breaking onto the scene as a precocious
16-year-old in 2002, going on to break records with Manchester United and England.
Nearly two decades in the Premier League, including a trophy-laden 13 years at Old Trafford,
combined with a stint in Major League Soccer have ensured a rewarding lifestyle for the striker.
His status as one of England's greatest ever players was sufficient to attract sponsors from across
the planet and he has collaborated with a variety of industry brands.
The Englishman had the chance to bolster his fortune massively by moving to the Chinese Super
League a number of years ago, but chose to turn down that gold rush opportunity.
Instead, a brief return to Everton transpired, which was followed by lucrative move to D.C.
United in North America's MLS, where he was one of the best paid players.
Wayne Rooney’s net worth is roughly $145 Million dollars.
5) Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Zlаtаn Іbrаhіmоvіс іѕ а fаmоuѕ аnd ѕuссеѕѕful fооtbаllеr whо рrеѕеntlу рlауѕ аѕ thе ѕtrіkеr fоr
thе Мајоr Lеаguе Ѕоссеr сlub, “Lа Gаlаху.” Веfоrе јоіnіng thіѕ сlub, hе hаѕ bееn а раrt оf
vаrіоuѕ bіg tеаmѕ аll оvеr Еurоре аnd hаѕ рlауеd fоr ѕоmе оf thе mоѕt соmреtіtіvе fооtbаll
lеаguеѕ, lіkе thе Еnglіѕh Рrеmіеr Lеаguе.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a Swedish footballer of Bosnian and Croatian descent. Barcelona paid a
$94 million transfer fee to Inter Milan in 2009 for the rights to Ibrahimovic, which was the
second-highest transfer fee of all time. Zlаtаn Іbrаhіmоvіс hаіlѕ frоm а соuntrу whоѕе fооtbаll
іnfrаѕtruсturе іѕ nоt ѕо wеll dеvеlореd, уеt wіth hіѕ tаlеntѕ; hе hаѕ bееn аblе tо mаkе а mаrk іn
thе fооtbаll wоrld, а fеаt hе hаѕ mаnаgеd аlоngѕіdе hіѕ mоnеtаrу ѕuссеѕѕ.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic net worth is approximately $220 Million, making him the 14th richest soccer
player in the world with his yearly earnings ranging between $27 and $35 million.
4) Neymar is a Brazilian professional soccer player, and currently one of the most popular and
influential soccer players in the world.
Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, commonly referred to as simply Neymar, was born in Mogi das
Cruzes, Brazil, and began playing football with his father, a former player.
The player is now representing ‘Paris Saint-Germain’, although his future with the club is
Neymar is on a five-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain through June 2022 worth $350
million in salary.
His transfer from Barcelona to PSG stands as the most expensive in the world at $263 million,
which the French club paid in full ahead of his signing.
The Brazilian is the second most popular athlete on social media with more than 200 million
followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Neymar was found guilty of avoiding taxes between 2011 and 2013 and paid a $1.2 million fine
in 2016.
Neymar lost Brazil's national team captaincy after a hitting a fan in the stands after PSG's loss in
the French Cup.
Neymar went from playing soccer in the streets of Brazil to become one of the most sought-after
soccer players in the world.
Neymar Jr.’s net worth is now approximately $245 million.
3) Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi’s status as the world’s best player has started to translate into endorsement
opportunities. Messi is nicknamed “The Flea” for his diminutive stature, Messi is the world’s
best soccer player. He has also been voted as the player of the year over the past two seasons.
Lionel Messi is an Argentinian footballer (soccer player) known to be one of the greatest players
of the modern football league. He is known for his goal scoring records and his ability to dribble
the ball past opponents. The Argentina forward become the best-paid player in La Liga in
November 2017 by agreeing a new deal to extend his stay at Barcelona until 2021.
Forbes ranked Messi first among athletes on their list of the 100 highest-earning celebrities of
2019, putting his income for the year at $127m (£98m), and fourth overall, making him the bestearning footballer and athlete in the world. He was $18m ahead of Ronaldo and $22m ahead of
Neymar, the next athletes on the list.
The Barcelona forward's latest salary package will certainly keep him among the richest active
sportsmen on the planet over the next few years.
As of 2020, Lionel Messi’s net worth is approximately $400 Million dollars, making him the 3rd
richest soccer player on the list.
2. David Beckham
The former Manchester United star and England captain still outstrips the top Premier League
earners, despite hanging up his boots in 2013
Retirement from football has done nothing to weaken David Beckham's brand. If anything, the
former England captain has grown even more popular since he hung up his boots and began to
focus solely on his life off the pitch.
Always a popular face with advertisers, Beckham's appeal has become an empire over the past
few years. He has turned his hand to fashion, food and drink, television, entertainment and
more, and he continues to reap the rewards.
He has shown little sign of slowing down and recently launched another new project - Inter
Miami, the Miami-based Major League Soccer franchise - signaling his intention to make it one
of the best teams in America.
David Beckham’s net worth is roughly $450 Million dollars.
1) Cristiano Ronaldo
The footballer spent a decade playing for Real Madrid, before transferred to Turin-based club
Juventus in lucrative deal.
The Portuguese player comes with a hefy price tag, having won the Ballon d’Or five times and
with a number of league titles and one very suspect statue to his name.
Beyond his sizeable salary, Ronaldo is known for snagging huge endorsement deals for the likes
of Nike, Herbalife and Electronic Arts, who make the video game FIFA.
Ronaldo made £52.35 million on endorsement deals alone in 2018, leveraging his celebrity status
as well as his large social media following.
In fact, Ronaldo also places third on Hopper HQ’s Instagram Rich list and a single sponsored
post on his account is estimated to cost £786k - the third highest figure behind Kylie Jenner and
Ariana Grande.
As of 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth is estimated to be $460 Million dollars, making him
the richest soccer player in the world.