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● Must see: Movies you MUST HAVE seen in your lifetime !
Streaming websites which have a large choice of movies and series in English:
Into the wild *** ( initiatory journey)
Fight Club *** ( about madness, violence, and our consumer society)
Minority report *** ( Sci-Fi movie. Dystopian world)
Gattaca ** (Sci-Fi movie. Dystopian world)
The Matrix ** (Sci-Fi movie. Dystopian world)
12 monkeys ** ( dystopian movie about a virus… starring Brad Pitt in an unusual
Truman Show ** ( a funny, inspiring movie about utopia / dystopia, starring Jim
Pleasantville ** ( a positive and original movie dealing with narrow-mindedness and
prejudice. A utopian/dystopian movie)
The island ** (Sci-Fi movie. Dystopian world)
I-Robot ** (Sci-Fi movie. Dystopian world)
Mr Nobody (Sci-Fi movie. Dystopian world)
The bridges of Madison county *** ( my favourite love story ever)
The Notebook *** ( a heartbreaking love story)
Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind *** ( an original, complicated movie that deals
with love and fate)
Little Miss Sunshine *** ( a funny road trip movie about an original family !!)Edward
Scissorhands *** ( a beautiful modern fairy tales on prejudice and difference starring
J. Depp)
Dead Poets society *** ( an inspiring movie about education, poetry and aspirations)
Big Fish *** ( a feel good fable about dreams, truth and lies by Tim Burton)
Snowden ** ( about mass surveillance)
The Usual Suspects *** ( a masterpiece!!! A cult movie with one of the most
incredible twist in the history of cinema !! )
The Green Mile ** ( about death penalty, starring Tom Hanks )
La vie de David Gale *** ( a crime story which tackles the issue of death penalty)
Romeo + Juliet *** ( starring Leonardo Dicaprio. A modern adaptation of
Shakespeare’s masterpiece)
Mississippi Burning ** ( an old movie about segregation in the US / KKK)
Selma ** ( about MLK and the fight for equality in the US)
The Help ( = la couleur des sentiments. About slavery and Black American history)
Forrest Gump ( starring Tom HAnks. A cult movie about being different)
Full Metal Jacket ( cult movie about the Vietnam War)
Apocalypse now (cult movie about the Vietnam War)
Midnight express ( a disturbing movie based on a true story. It deals with a guy being
sent to Prison in Thailand because of the drug that was found in his luggage…)
Requiem for a dream ( a very harsh movie about addictions) Do not watch it if
you’re too sensitive...
My sister’s keeper ( a disturbing, emotional movie about savior sibling)
Pulp Fiction *** ( Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece)
Mr Fantastic *** ( an original , kind of road movie about an atypical family who lives
outside the consumer society, in the forest )
Thelma and Louise *** ( feminist road movie. A cult movie)
Will Hunting *** ( A movie directed and written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. A
movie on love, friendship, psychology, aspirations and finding one’s way when you’re
a genius)
The green book ** ( about friendship and segregation in the Southern US)
A beautiful mind ** ( based on a true story, the biopic of a mathematician genius on
the verge of madness)
Slumdog millionaire *** ( an entertaining yet emotional movie about the hardship of
Indians living in slums )
Lion *** ( an emotional movie based on a true story)
Seven Years in Tibet. *** ( A movie about the Tibetan invasion by China. the movie
that has changed my life, starring Brad Pitt…)
Ray ** ( biopic about Ray Charles)
HER *** ( a movie about a man who falls in love with an app…)
The Wire ** ( an old, cult series about the police, gangsters, drug dealers… in
Black Mirror ***
The Handmaid’s tale **
Friends!!! ***
How I met your mother **
Big Bang theory **
Peaky Blinders ***
Genius: Einstein ** ( series from the National Geographic)
Genius: Picasso ***
When they see us *** ( Netflix)
The People vs O.J Simpson *** ( Netflix)
Darwin’s nightmare ( about the damages of globalization in Africa)
Wasteland ( about an artistic project using wastes and people working in a junkyard
in Rio, Brazil)
Le sel de la terre ( about this famous photographer and photojournalist, Sebastiao
Salgado )
Bowling for Columbine ( about gun violence in the US and the shooting in Columbine
An inconvenient truth ( about the environment)
Pre-Crime ( about an algorithm which is being used by the police in Chicago in order
to predict crimes)
Our planet ( if you like animal documentaries)
Basquiat :
( about the life of this Black American artist who was the first to use graffitis)