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The Perfection
Lakhani, Uraib Ahmed
Nowadays we are bombarded with symbols and messages about striving for
perfection. All of this can drive us towards the idea that we’re supposed to
achieve perfection in school, with our family, in every aspect of our lives, etc.
Many people believe that perfection must be achieved in order to be happy.
However, it is true that seeking perfection in our society leads us to stress.
First of all everyone in our society wants to be perfect in anything but does not
want the stress. Every time someone wants to be flawless in something they end
up having a lot of stress. For example, Hashana a college student says she wants
to get perfect grades for her chemistry exam to be a perfect daughter. However,
she says that she is stressing a lot to get perfect grades. Furthermore In our
society we are also being forced to become perfect which also causes anxiety
such as Hashana’s parents who forced her to choose Pharmacology to become a
perfect daughter. Hashana wants to pursue her career in Arts but her parents
forced her to select Pharmacology as a result she was stressed. In fact, seeking
faultless can also cause depression. For example, an athlete who spends all of his
day practicing a sport to become faultless will go into depression if he fails to
become a perfect sportsman. All these reasons show that it is unavoidable to
become perfect without being worried.
To conclude, everyone in our culture tries to become flawless and gets anxious
because of several reasons such as he fails to become perfect in a sport, he fails
to become perfect in his carrier and his parents force him to become perfect. In
short seeking perfection without being stressed is impossible.
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The Perfection
Lakhani, Uraib Ahmed
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