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The Ghostly Remains

The Ghostly Remains
She looked out the window, staring at the snow floating down around the countryside. Her name
was Haley.
She was a young girl, feeling alone in the house she called home. Her parents were never
around, and the weather had gotten colder, mid-winter raged ahead. She pierced her blue eyes
into the glass window, watching the snow build up higher and higher around her home.
She was wearing a red jumper, and a green long winter skirt.
When she heard crying in the distance, she got up and followed the noise throughout the house,
till she saw in the distance, a Christmas tree, its pines turning grey and the tree looking shabby.
Christmas had come and passed, but her parents never bothered to remove the tree.
She listened quietly, to the sobbing, recognizing it as her mother's cries.
"Hello?" she said, afraid. The house was freezing, and she spotted her mum and dad keeping
close to a fire in the living room.
She approached them, hearing them whisper.
"I can't go on..." she heard her mother say, her voice choked up in pain.
"She would've wanted us too." her father responded, holding her mother close to him.
The little girl blinked confused. Her parents looked like shadows to her.
She walked towards the hallway to the front door, and pushed it open, seeing the snow had built
up a couple of feet.
She began pushing her way through the white cold icy snow. She was going back to where she
had awoke.
The woods lay ahead, and she stepped through them, her feet not registering on the snow.
As she walked the track, she could see memories flash through her eyes.
She had been playing outside, the weather being freezing. She had travelled far in the wood, and when it
was time to come home, she couldn't make it through the snow.
The girl stepped towards a cave, and entered it carefully. The lighting was dim and dark, and she
soon spotted the person pressed against the wall. Not in slumber, not in rest.
But dead.
The girl looked at the body of a child, a girl... who looked so much like her.
However, the body had turned blue, her eyes wide opened, and her lips stiff.
"Haley!" She remembered her mother calling her, but the snow had blocked the cave's entrance, and she
sat on the cold stone floor, curling into a ball, and crying.
'Mummy! Mummy!"
She had been so cold, she closed her eyes, blew hot air on her hands before fallen into darkness.
When she had awoken, she didn't feel any more pain, and walked outside the cave. When she looked back,
all she saw was her dead body, no longer sleeping... but apart from her soul.
Haley's spirit looked at the blue body of her old self, before she could feel herself fading from this
existence... crossing the veil.
Leaving... the snow piling up around the area. The body of Haley Fitzgerald frozen in time.