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Activities for My Fair Lady
Exercise 1: Choose between True or False:
True☐ False☐
Higgins and Pickering meet by chance on a rainy day in London.
True☐ False☐
That same night they decide to invite the flower girl (Eliza) to live with them.
True☐ False☐
Eliza decides to invest her money in learning good English and manners to be a
flower lady in a florist shop.
True☐ False☐
Higgins accepts her offer because she offers a high amount of money.
True☐ False☐
Higgins is rude, arrogant and competitive and accepts Pickering's bet.
True☐ False☐
Higgins is quite sure he can make Eliza pass off as a lady in six months.
True☐ False☐
Doolittle (Eliza's father) is lazy, a drinker and fond of women.
True☐ False☐
Higgins pays Doolittle 10 pounds for the girl.
True☐ False☐
Higgins' mother is very happy to meet him in Ascot on the opening day.
True☐ False☐
Fredy fell in love with Eliza when she spoke about her family in Ascot.
True☐ False☐
Higgins pretends not to be nervous on the day they attend the ball at the Embassy.
Exercise 2: Write who said the following expressions:
Mrs. Pearce
I know what lessons cost as well as you do and I'm ready to pay.
But sir, you can't take a girl up like that as if you were picking up a pebble on the
How dare you come here and attempt to blackmail me!
I swallowed one.
For God's sake, Higgins, it must be 3:00 in the morning. Do be reasonable.
But think what you're trying to accomplish [...] the majesty of the English language [...]
and conquer it you will.
Here, what are you sniggering at?
I'm trying to tell you that I want to call off the bet.
Miss Doolittle you look beautiful.
Exercise 3: Choose the correct answer:
1. After visiting Covent Garden early in the morning she decides to...
a. Visit Higgins' mother to spend some days with her
b. Come back to the flower market as a flower girl
c. Stay at Professor Higgins' and work for him
2. She is also worried because...
a. She does not know what she will do now that she has an education
b. She is getting married with a lazy man
c. She will come back with her father and back to the gutters
3. Higgins last words are...
a. Eliza, will you mary me?
b. Eliza? Where the devil are my slippers?
c. Eliza, I love you
4. Higgings feels angry because...
a. She left with all his things
b. She is going to be a teacher
c. He wants Eliza back
5. After talking to Eliza, Zoltan Karpathy comes to the conclusion that she is…
a. The princess of Hungary
b. The duches of Budapest
c. The queen of Transylvania
6. Mr. Doolittle gets wealthy because...
a. He gets married with a middle-class wealthy woman
b. He receives a donation as the most original moralist in England
c. Higgings leaves all his money to him
7. After the ball Eliza feels disapointed and sad because...
a. The moment to leave has come
b. Nobody in the house remembers or says a word to her
c. She commited a lot of mistakes
8. Colonel Pickering phones the police to find...
a. A lost umbrella
b. Doolittle (Eliza's father)
c. Eliza