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The disable community is the world’s third-largest economic power
Intro :
Despite the legislative arrangements, disability remains a cause of exclusion, in
terms of education, access to infrastructure, professional integration, but also social
acceptance. The purpose for this disabled community remains the same: to
participate fully in the community life.
Thereby, this article entitled « The disabled community is the third-largest
economic power » from the economic paper Quartz and written in September 2019,
deals with the place occupied by the disabled community in the economy et the
place that they could have.
Résumé :
First of all, some companies are making the problem of access for these people
with disabilies worse. Indeed even if the intentions may be good, the fact that
brands create inclusive projects for this community, with full of promesses but then
leads to not such great things, distract from the real problem and the real innovation
that they need.
Nevertheless, there are brands that succeed to change things such as the
apparel company Tommy Hilfiger that created an adaptative clothing line thats
allows people with physical handicap to get dress in an easier way. Not only did the
compagny cared about this issue but also managed to ensure them a great end-toend shopping experience. Tommy Hilfiger has a real purpose that helped so why
does not everyone do the same ?
As a matter of fact, these people constitute a real business with their 8 trilion $
per year of disposable. Thus, it is the third-largest economic power. In addition
even if they don’t function as an economy, a study showed that these purposedriven compagnies are priviledge by the customers in the marketplace. Moreover
providing an inclusive workplace with disabled people can ensure their employment
and makes the compagnies more efficient because they can be really talented and
create innovation.
To conclude not only inclusivity is ethical but it is very good for business and for
success as well. It might be discouraging to think that the motives of being
inclusive can be to be more competitive, but money can lead to great actions.
Commentaire :
So first, we can ask ourself why do brands advertised their inclusive initiative to
after give-up on them ? Then if inclusivity is that rewarding, why do not all the
brands and compagnies do it ? Is it really an ethical and moral action if the
inclusivity is only drive by money and the need to be competitive ? Is it really the
best way to include the disabled community ?
- The fact that some brands advertised their inclusive initiative and then give-up on
them could be because of the lack of enthusiasm from the customers or the lack of
money to finance this project.
-Then the author talks about « the innovation the community needs » and then says
about clothes which can be easily worn but is it really the big problem of the
disabled community, could not it be more about means of location specialized in
handicap people and about creating things so that they can be not disable
- All the compagnies are not inclusive because it requires some financial ease to
create new projects. Plus, according to the article, hiring an inclusive workforce
make compagnies more effective is not really true, because not everyone is
talented, if he hires a disabled man he could be less eficient than the average
person and then cost money to the society that has to take time to form the interm.
- Moreover even if the money leads to great actions here I personally think that it is
really not ethical and moral if the inclusivity is only drive by money and the need to
be competitive.
- Does the disabled community’s situation is the same everywhere ? Yes it is
mostly the same case, but in France we can’t say that purpose-driven is priviledge
because it only concerns America.
- The fact that they pay so much attention may not be the best idea for integrating
the disabled in the society, because they could not be considered as equal as us.
CCL : To conclude, even if there are some innovations and progress that provide
the intégration of the disabled community there are still a lot of things to do to make
them 100 % as we are.
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