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The role of women in the past
and now.
Nowadays, women have joined men in
their outside work. We see them as
soldiers, policewomen, pilots, even as
political leaders negotiating over
tough topics. In brief, the role of
women has improved enormously.
Women used to bring up the children
and do the housework like cooking,
cleaning, and laundry manually.
Similarly, today the housework is a
task of the woman but with the
assistance of domestic gadgets, such
as washing machines, vacuum
cleaners, dish washers, electric
beaters, etc. If women were totally
forbidden from going out except to go
to the public bath or visit their
families. In the same manner, women
today can go out just to do the
shopping, call in their families, or go
to the steam bath.
Today, the status of women is at a
high level not only in family but also
in business area when compared to the
past. They learned to defend their
rights. This realization also woke
women up and stimulated them to
insist on their rights. With the
guarantee of the laws which were
made in that time, women gained the
rights they deserved in both family
and business space. Primarily, now
women are dominant as much as men.
To sum up, the role of women was
very limited in the past, but nowadays,
they are given more and more
importance thanks to their struggling
and unification. Besides, people have
started to understand that we cannot
achieve any development without a
real participation of women.
The participation of women in
the development process
Today, more than ever, women have
become active participants in the
development process.
Many competent women have become
responsible in many leadership
positions and are able to express their
opinions that can benefit our society.
For example, women take part in the
political life and contribute in the
development. Also, women are able to
change the framework of political life,
because they have certain knowledge
and experience.
As far as women’s participation in the
economic level is important, our
country has benefited from a lot of
fruitful achievements that have
improved our economy. For instance,
they have created their own projects
and contribute to the reduction of
unemployment thanks to civic
associations and microloans allocated
by NGOs. Women’s participation in
the process of development has great
positive effects at the social level as
well. And it is known that educated
women can provide better nutrition
and education to their children.
Besides, women are capable of
improving the culture of our society.
To sup up, our society can benefit
from women’s participation in the
process of development that is why
women should be given a certain
importance in society.
Describing someone
Ahmed has been my close friend for
two years, I first met him on a school
trip to Agadir, I stayed next to him on
the bus and we started talking. We've
been friends ever since.
Ahmed is quite good looking, He's tall
and slim, with olive skin and curly
dark hair, he' got a brown eyes and
round face. He has a great sense of
style, so he always looks well dressed
even in casual clothes.
Ahmed is very outgoing. He is always
friendly and loves to have fun. He's
got a fantastic sense of humour and he
always makes me laugh. However, he
can be a bit immature at time.
All in all, I'm glad to have Ahmed as
my friend. It's a pleasure to be with
him and really enjoy his company. I'm
sure we'll always be close friends.
How to protect the environment?
We all are aware of the need to
protect the environment. As
individuals, we may help our
environment and help in reducing
pollution by paying attention to
some important points in our daily
We should utilize the electricity
effectively and wisely to help the
government. Turning lights off when
we’re not in the room can save a lot
of energy. Also, we can only use the
air conditioning or heater when
Vehicles are one of the major source
of air pollution. Using public
transportation, walking and biking
are all great ways to clean the air.
Packaging is a big problem for the
environment because once the
product is open we don’t need it and
it’s thrown out or recycled. So we
can avoid buying products that have
a lot of paper and plastic around
Planting trees is a must if we want to
save our planet. Trees not only
remove chemicals from the soil, but
also help reduce causes of the global
It’s time to take action to protect our
environment by making simple
lifestyle changes.
Free time: Letter
Dear Ahmed,
Nowadays, with busy lifestyles, there
is little time for people to entertain
themselves. But if I have some free
time I usually love entertaining
I love watching television on my free
time, but what I love more is watching
movies. In fact, I like almost all kinds
of movies such as action, comedy and
classic. Also, I enjoy watching shows
series and Documentaries.
In addition, I enjoy listening to music
it makes me feel comfortable and
relaxed. I don’t prefer a particular kind
of music, it depends on the singers.
Sometimes, I enjoy listening to rock
music and sometimes classic music, it
depends on my mood.
Finally, what I like to do in my spare
time is going on a trip. There are many
places in my country which I prefer
visiting the most such as forests and
mountains. They are my favorite
places because everything there is
calm. Moreover, I could play sport or
just hang out with my friends.
I hope to hear from you soon
----------------------------Your friend
Describing place: Letter
Dear John,
After all this time, I thought I would
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drop you a line to motivate to come to
Agadir is a modern city situated on the
southern part of the Morocco’s
Atlantic coastline. The center of the
city is flat with large attractive, clean
and safe avenues and boulevards.
There are lots of cafes, restaurants,
and live music if you want to hang out
with your friends.
Most locals speak Tamazight and
Arabic followed by French and
English. In which case you will not
have problem communicating with
them. Besides, Agadir is a very
tolerant city; the locals are very
welcoming to visitors in general.
The main attraction is the beach.
There are a lot of surf schools and
shops, especially in Taghazout and
Tamraght if you want to learn how to
I know that you practice a lot of
sports. Agadir also offers golf courses,
tennis clubs, horse riding and boat
trips out to sea, where schools of
dolphins and whales can be spotted.
The city of Agadir has the biggest
souk called “Souk El Had” where you
can buy clothes, household items,
fruits and vegetables, souvenirs…
Write back soon.
Best regards, B.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Your friend
Describing event: Letter
Dear John,
I would like to thank you for your last
letter. This time I will talk about a
milestone for my family.
Over a hundred of guests from all over
Morocco were present last July to take
part in my cousin’s wedding
ceremony. The wedding was
celebrated in a big decorated and
lovely place. After exchanging
greeting and congratulations with
couple’s parents we sat, my mum and
I, around a table. The guests were
divided by gender. Women were
wearing beautiful caftans and
Takchitas. As for men, they were
wearing Djelabbas or modern suits.
After that, the groom and the bride
were coming. All guests were excited
to welcome them. The groom was
wearing a beautiful Djelabba and the
bride her beautiful caftan and heavy
We spent a memorable evening. We
all shared dances to the rhythm of
traditional music. Mint tea and several
varieties of cookies were served to us.
Also, they served us dishes like
pastilla and meat with dried prunes.
I hope you have an idea now on the
celebration of marriages in Morocco.
I look forward to hearing from you
Your friend....
Students smoking
Many students take up smoking for
different reasons and without thinking
of its hazardous effects.
Students start smoking for a variety of
reasons. Many teens smoke due to
peer pressure and acceptance or for
just curiosity. Some of them smoke
owing to stress in their lives and are
under the misconceived notion that it
relaxes them. Others take up smoking
as an expression of rebellion or to
establish independence and boast selfesteem. Furthermore, some students
smoke because of the assumption that
because their parents smoke, it must
be okay. Nevertheless, most of such
students are not aware of the
dangerous effects of tobacco.
The effects of smoking tobacco are
irreversible and may cause severe
health problem For instance, smokers
run a great risk of lung and throat
cancers, heart attacks, premature aging
of the skin, wrinkles, stained teeth and
finger tips. Moreover, students who
smoke lose concentration at school,
their grades get worse and some get
kicked out of school. What is more is
that the nicotine in tobacco smoke is
so addictive, both physically and
To sum up, the negative aspects of
smoking take over the positive ones
that some people think tobacco has.
Yet, the question that imposes itself is
“what role do magazine ads and media
play in this issue?”
The mobile phone:
In the past, people used simple tools
for communication, such as fire,
drums, or pigeons. However, today
they can send written messages, or
videos thanks to the mobile which has
certainly expanded worldwide.
However, this small gadget may cause
harm if it is overused.
The mobile is used for multiple
purposes. It can be used either to
contact a family member, or a friend
via sound or messages. Furthermore,
many youngsters use it to store their
music, or play games. For
businessmen its their mobile office
where they can get in touch day and
night with their employees and
partners. More than that, the cell
phone can help people in emergencies.
For instance, if they ever have a car
breakdown, or an injury, the mobile
resolves the problem on the spot.
Students can contact their parents or
classmates. The mobile helps people
in different situations.
On the other hand, if used excessively,
the mobile can cause harm to people.
Mobiles may cause harm to people’s
brains if we overuse them according to
some researches. Moreover, they can
be the cause of several road accidents
if used in driving. They are sometimes
a source of disturbance when we are
relaxing, having a rest, or attending a
course. The ringing of the cell phone
interrupts your sleep, your rest, or
distracts you concentration.
All in all, the mobile is useful to
people; however, if it is not used
efficaciously, it may have negative
impacts on them. Therefore, we
should not utilize the mobile unless it
is very necessary.
Facebook is a big social network, it is
very popular for people of all ages.
Facebook is the Internet service that
users can communicate with others
from around the world. It has many
activities, for example giving
comments, sharing ideas, images,
video, chatting with friends, playing
games and etc. However, facebook has
both advantages and disadvantages.
The most important advantage of
using facebook is that it is easy for
communication and relationship.
Besides, for education , facebook is a
source for learning new things,
exchanging information and
experience. Moreover, facebook can
save money from using cell phones
because we can chat with our friends
instead of talking with them on cell
phones. In addition, we can share
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good ideas with our friends.
Using facebook also has many
disadvantages. The main drawback of
using facebook is that people can
know about our information.
Sometimes, our secret information
may be released unintentionally.
Moreover, if we use facebook for a
long time, it may affect our eyes.
Furthermore, spending too much time
with facebook makes someone cannot
spend time for other activities.
In conclusion, facebook has both
advantages and disadvantages.
However, facebook is a new
technology that can’t control people.
So, we should consider whether it is
good or bad to use it as a
communication tool.
With the development of technology,
there have been a lot of changes to our
life; some of these changes are bad,
causing many environmental and
social problems. However, most of
these changes contribute in making
our life more comfortable and more
First of all, due to the improvement of
technology, people can enjoy more
convenience than ever. For example, it
only takes travelers or businessmen
several hours to go to other countries
by jet plane, which makes the world
seem to be much smaller. With the
help of Internet, people at different
corners of the world can communicate
with significantly high speed and low
cost. It is technology that has cleared
away the barriers that once prevented
people from leading a convenient life.
Besides culture and studying abroad,
in a national level, lots of economic
benefits can emerge from having a
multilingual country, because the
tourists are more likely to go into a
country where people understand
them, rather than some random place
with no possibilities of being
understood by the local population.
Morocco is a great example of this:
most of the tourists are English,
Spanish or French. And these three
nationalities represent the three most
spoken foreign languages in the
Importance of Humour
Humor, the tendency of particular
cognitive experiences to provoke
laughter and provide amusement,
affects how we perceive and respond
to life. It enhances the quality of life
and may relieve the body from so
many health problems.
Comedy helps us to understand what it
means to live. If we state that comedy
is an indispensable tool which
enlightens our life and make it better,
so, everyone should make it an
integral part of our days.
humor is a magic way to overcome
stress. Instead of going for a long
vacation, consuming alcohol,
smoking, or things which are injurious
to health, you can sit and watch a
funny movie which makes you laugh
and helps you to forget the pain and
miseries of life. If you look at comedy
with a more insightful eye you'll
figure out that people who are fun
loving generally are witty, energetic,
creative and positive. They are always
feeling light, joyful and at peaces with
Laughter enables us to lower our
blood pressure, benefits a person's
hearts since it increases the blood flow
to it. It also stimulates the brain.
Since laughter does effect the body,
mind and spirit the only thing you
have to do to lead a happy life is
LAUGH, as simple as that.
The importance of Technology
Secondly, technology has made our
life as comfortable as we can imagine.
Sitting in air-conditioned rooms,
people do not have to suffer the
extremely cold or hot weather any
more. Whatever vegetable or fruit we
want to eat, we can always find it in a
supermarket without worrying about
the season.
In addition, technology provides us
many choices to spend our spare time.
Listening to music by using smart
phones or MP4, surfing the internet or
watching digital movies, all of these
entertainments make our life
In conclusion, although it has brought
about some problems, the benefits of
technology far outweigh its bad
influences. So it is safe to say that
technology has made the world a
better place to live.
The importance of learning
foreign languages
In a world of Globalization, any young
citizen should consider learning
foreign languages. So, why studying
foreign languages is helpful for
students? What are the benefits of
learning foreign languages?
After getting the baccalaureate degree
most of the graduated students choose
to study abroad and one of the
conditions to get access into a foreign
country is to have succeeded its
language tests. This could be
explained by the fact that knowing a
country’s language is essential to
facilitate the everyday life in the host
Cultural exchange is one of the main
advantages of learning others’
languages, there are thousands of
cultures to know about, and this
cultural exchange is the path into a
more ambitious goal: world peace!
In brief, any high school student
should be really involved in foreign
language learning courses. Maybe it
can be difficult in the beginning, but
with it time it’s all fun.
Brain drain:
Brain drain or human capital flight is
the action of having highly skilled
and educated people leaving their
country to work abroad.
The economical reason is considered
as the major reason that obliged the
most skilled people to leave their own
country to another one so as to
ameliorate their living conditions.
Moreover, those skilled people
believe that abroad is better than their
homeland as the proverb said: “the
grass is always greener on the other
side of the fence”.
Brain drain has negative impact on
the sending countries economic
prospects and competitiveness. It
reduces the number of dynamic and
creative people who can contribute to
the development of their country.
Likewise, with more entrepreneurs
taking their investments abroad,
developing countries are missing an
opportunity of wealth creation. This
has also negative consequences on
tax revenue and employment.
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Finally, to stop this kind of
emigration, government should create
more suitable projects for those
educated and experienced people, and
to encourage them by giving them
high salaries; in addition to these
brain drainers should be integrated in
different domains in their own
country so as to stay in their home
Illiteracy : cause and effect
Illiteracy is one of the major
problems in our country. This issue
must be alleviated because of its
positive effects.
Poverty is the main cause of
illiteracy; Poor parents with low
incomes find it difficult to pay school
fees. They are forced to choose
between providing basic needs such
as food, shelter and clothing and
taking their children to school. In
addition, lack of awareness is another
cause of illiteracy, In places where
several members of the local
population do not understand why it
is important for them to go to school,
the level of illiteracy may be
high. Moreover, Social barriers can
cause illiteracy, many social barriers
such as restrictions on girls’
education in some societies lead to
illiteracy among the affected segment
of the population.
The effects of illiteracy often
negatively impact a nation’s ability to
develop its human resources.
Countries with a high illiteracy rate
are more likely to be disadvantaged
in the global economy. If a populace
is not literate, it cannot be as involved
in high tech jobs. New careers in the
sciences, mathematics, and
technology are primarily established
in countries that have literate
populations. Another major effect of
illiteracy is that illiterate people may
engage in unlawful acts in the society
due to lack of employment or simply
as a result of being uncultured. In
short, illiteracy does not encourage
positive social change, personal
growth, or the preservation and
development of language and culture.
In conclusion, poverty and poor
education system are two factors
contributing to illiteracy rates. To
deal with this problem, investment in
school infrastructure and the
introduction of free education are two
major solutions.
Dropping out: cause/effect
Dropping out of school is a serious
problem in Morocco, a big number of
children leave school before
completing their primary education.
A lot of children are deprived from
the fundamental right by dropping out
of school due to several
reasons. Family problems are one
cause, If parents are divorced, no-one
may be taking responsibility for the
child. If parents are uneducated, their
may be little encouragement to do
homework or to stay in school.
Financial factors are also important.
Some students want to work in order
to support their families. In contrast,
others may have family businesses and
not see any benefit in obtaining a high
school certificates. Perhaps the main
reason why students drop out in
countrysides is the distance which
separate school from home, children
have to cover more than 10 kilometers
four times a day to get to school and to
return home.
There are many awful effects of
dropping out of school. Obviously the
first effect is that the person dropping
out will not be as well educated thus it
will make it harder to get a good job.
Also; it can result in prevalence of the
crime, deterioration of the economy of
the country, rising of percentage of
illiteracy. In addition to the personal
income and many other effects.
Internet addiction: cause and
Internet addiction is when a person
has a compulsive need to spend a
great deal of time on the Internet.
Internet use has been categorized as
an actual disorder, and has been
termed 'Internet Addiction' because
of its similarity to addictions like
smoking, drinking, and watching too
much TV.
people spending their time on the
internet rather than spending time
with their family, or friends. There
are several reasons and causes why
people get addicted to the internet;
they could be lonely in the way that
they're the only child, or they have no
friends to play with, so they waste
their time on the internet. Or they
could just be bored; they could be
home alone, or it could be raining
outside, and they can't go out, so they
stay in and surf the web.
There are also a lot of social
networks online like chat rooms,
Facebook, Twitter, and more. People
enter social networks to meet new
people, and get into virtual online
relationships. Also; by the internet
people can know the latest news by
electronic press or watching TV. In
addition to the use of internet to play
games, study and collect information.
Spending too much time on the
internet can affect the user very
much. It can interfere with his social
life; the addiction can lead to the
inability to communicate in the real
world, and your family bonding. also;
it can distract people from their work
or school. Moreover; internet
addiction has physical symptoms
such as dry eyes or strained vision,
Sleep disturbances, pronounced
weight gain or weight loss and
Nowadays, using internet became
very important, but people must use it
cautiously and from time to time not
for the whole day.
Road accident: causes and
Road accident is a global tragedy
with the ever-rising trend. Almost
every day, we hear the news of the
accident on the television, radio and
internet. This essay will discuss all
the possible causes and solution of
the road accidents.
To begin with, carelessness is one of
the major cause of the road accident
in our planet. Under carelessness, we
have various examples, which
There has been a big percentage of
Page 4
include, using the mobile phone
while the vehicle in moving, break
the traffic rules and entering from the
side road into the path of the vehicle.
Furthermore, when inexperience and
untrained drivers and those with blur
eyesight that drive at night is one of
the major cause of escalating accident
rate in our world. In addition, most of
the people drive after drinking
alcohol, which may lead to dangerous
road accident.
Issues that need to be considered in
order to curb accidents are policies
made by government to make sure
that road are well constructed and
maintained. Furthermore, passenger
should also be vigilant enough to
check drivers when they are over
speeding and driving under the
influence of alcohol. Police can play
the pivotal role to decrease the ratio
of the accidents.
To sum up, there are many causes of
the road accidents in our world, with
good strategies and with the
participation of the both government
and individual; we can easily
overcome with this potential
Book review: “The Last
The Novel “The Last Friend” is one
of the books that attracter my
attention. It was written in 2004 by
Tahar Ben Jelloun. It is a classic story
of friendship and betrayal.
This Novel is about friendship of two
men Ali and Mamed from
adolescence via the individual
choices of adulthood to the jealousies
of middle age. The novel is divided
into two sections .The first is about
Ali who becomes a teacher and lives
'a petit-bourgeois existence'. The
second is about the story of Mamed, a
doctor who immigrates to Sweden to
work for the World Health
The author uses the technique of
narration to paint a vivid portrait of
life lived within and in opposition to
the moral severe criticism of North
Africa. Ben Jelloun wrote this novel
to show the reader the complex and
contradictory society both modern
and archaic in 1950s in Morocco in
an inimitable and powerfully direct
style. The reader’s surprise becomes
less strong; it is one of Ben Jelloun's
many successes.
in culture shock, Leaving home
country to a new one can make
emigrants homesick and experience
loneliness, loss of identity, isolation,
stress, loss of self-value and status.
Because you do not know the social
customs of the new culture, you may
find it difficult to make friends.
Film review: The Revenant
The Revenant is a 2015 American
survival western thriller film directed,
co-produced, by Alejandro G.Iñárritu.
The film is set in in 2015 in the USA.
While exploring the uncharted
wilderness in 1823, legendary
frontiersman Hugh Glass (Leonardo
DiCaprio) sustains injuries from a
brutal bear attack. When his hunting
team leaves him for dead, Glass must
utilize his survival skills to find a
way back home to his beloved
family. Grief-stricken and fueled by
vengeance, Glass treks through the
wintry terrain to track down John
Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), the former
confidant who betrayed and
abandoned him.
The Revenant is a terrific
entertainment, Leonardo DiCaprio
role was great, he gives one of his
best performances of his career. The
end of this film is absolutely brilliant
and I highly recommend it everyone.
Culture shock
Culture shock is feeling unsettled
when one person moves from one
culture to another unfamiliar one.
This is usually seen amongst
immigrants or when a person goes to
visit another country.
Misunderstanding native languages
including body languages or being
unfamiliar with new food are
responsible for the culture shock.
When you visit a foreign country,
you will find it difficult to understand
the language, even when you know
the language that makes you puzzled.
Besides, food is also an important
element attributed to the culture
Mental health is another issue faced
To sum up. Foreign languages are
worth learning in order to avoid
cultural shock and to have the ability
to deal with cultural issues in an
appropriate way.
Plastic bags: Drawbacks and
Plastic bags are one of the most
dangerous substances to our
environment, They could cause so
much harm.
Plastic bags are made of various
chemicals which are mainly toxic.
That is certainly very harmful to the
health and the environment. These
toxic chemicals are sources of
various diseases as well as disorders
in humans. They do not only provide
negative effects on the health of
people and animals but also to the air,
plants and water.
It may be difficult to stop using
plastic bags, but we should find
environmental friendly bags that you
can be used as an alternative as
Moroccan government did, it has
decided to take action to eliminate
plastic bags as quickly as possible,
through its operation named “Zero
Mika”. When you go out to the
grocery store or super market to buy
things, have eco friendly bags with
you. That way you can say no to the
use of plastic bags even if the stores
offer plastic bags.
to sum up, plastic bags have been one
of the most lethal inventions of
mankind. They have a major negative
impact on our environment. We only
have one world to live in, so more
precautions should be enforced in
taking care of it.
Cop22: report
Page 5
Last November 2016, from 7 to 18
there was the 22nd session of the
Conference of the Parties known as
COP22 to the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate
Change. It took place in Marrakech.
Several leaders and state
representatives of Parties to the
Convention and Observer States
attended it to progress action on
the ‘Paris Agreement’ and to further
the coordination of concerted global
action on climate change. The event
continued for twelve days. During the
Cop, the participants discussed many
topic such as water scarcity, water
cleanliness, and water-related
sustainability, a major problem in the
developing world, including many
African states. Another focal issue
was the need to reduce greenhouse
emissions and utilize low-carbon
energy sources. Finally, it was being
touted as an opportunity to showcase
progress and start the important
process of turning the UN’s Paris
Agreement into a detailed blueprint
for action.
Qualities of a good citizen
Citizens should work towards the
improvement of their community
through economic participation,
public service, volunteer work, and
other such efforts to improve life for
all citizens.
Being a good citizen means you show
your love to your country. Being a
good citizen also means obeying the
laws in your community and school.
Laws are made to help you and keep
you safe. Obeying the law also shows
your respect for others. You can also
treat people with kindness.
A good citizen is a responsible
member of a family and a conscious
person of a society. It is very
important to become good citizens
because the development of the
nation mainly depends on the
activities of the citizens of the
country. To become good citizens we
have to become active both at home
and in the society, such as respecting
others, doing volunteer works,
protecting the environment and so on.
To sum up, We should know and
learn our responsibilities as good
citizens. We are a part of the society.
We must understand that each of us is
responsible for what we do in this
My Favourite TV Programme:
My favourite TV programme is
‘Amoudou’, I like it for many
reasons. To begin with, it is very
educational. It is a window to the
world especially my country
Morocco. By watching it, I can
travel, explore, discover and enrich
my knowledge. I also enjoy watching
it because it is entertaining,
interesting and stimulating. I never
imagined that such an educational
programme can be very enjoyable. In
addition to that, this programme is of
very high quality and it is produced
by a team of experts, all are
authorities in their own field of
interest. Besides, the narration is very
accurate, informative, vivid and
descriptive. Thus, I have never felt
bored watching this programme. The
Amoudou is my favourite programme
as it has helped me to ‘grow’ and
Child labor: cause and solution
Child labour is a big social issue in
our country as well as abroad which
everyone must be aware of.
There are various reasons of child
labor in our country. It is very
common because of the existence of
high level of poverty and poor
schooling opportunities for the
children. A lot of children are being
obliged to work by their own parents
instead of sending them to the school
because they considered them as a
source of income. Other reasons
include educational problems, like
distance from school, poor quality of
education, over-crowding, inability to
support schooling.
To tackle this problem, many
solutions should be put into action
soon. The first solution is to create
more laws to protect and prevent
against child labor. With more laws,
more people will be aware of what is
really happening inside the work
force. The second solution is to
provide free education to these
children. By doing this, these
children will succeed in life and they
will be occupied with going to school
and not being forced to work. The
final solution is to create a minimum
family income. Many families need
child labor or they wind up putting
their kids out on the streets or selling
them in order to survive.
Voluntary work: for/against
Volunteering is the commitment of
time and energy for the benefit of
society and the community, the
environment or individuals
Voluntary work is an optional task
and a great way to get work
experience, learn new skills and help
a community .However, this kind of
work is unpaid, volunteers don’t get
paid from voluntary work.
Voluntary work can teach you skills,
build your confidence and make you
feel responsible. Furthermore, it
allows us to help others and serve the
society. In addition, it is an
opportunity for making friends and
knowing new people from different
backgrounds. Last but not least, it is
an important experience which we
could add to our CVs.
On the other hand, volunteers are not
paid for their time and effort.
Moreover, they often have to make
sacrifices. Also, voluntary work
doesn’t leave much time for school,
family and other obligations in
addition to stress if the volunteer has
to make a lot of effort.
In conclusion, for me, if I had an
opportunity to participate in a
voluntary work, I wouldn’t hesitate.
Voluntary work is an interesting
experience that everyone should try
English 4 "BAC"
Itri Mehdi
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