Séminaire UNIL - Brocher"
Ethos - Plateforme interdisciplinaire d’éthique et l’Interface sciences-société de
l’UNIL, en collaboration avec la Fondation Brocher et l’Unité d’Éthique du CHUV,
ont le plaisir de vous inviter au séminaire:"
The role of emotion in communicating
with seriously ill patients
Dr. Robert Arnold, MD"
University of Pittsburgh, Section of Palliative Care and Medical Ethics"
Dr. Anthony Back, MD"
University of Washington, School of Medicine - Division of Oncology"
Recent psychological research emphasizes the importance of emotions in the
decision-making process. In this session, Dr. Arnold and Dr. Back will describe
two of their projects that focus on the interface of communication, decisionmaking and emotions:
§  An empirical study using an interactive educational program to improve
oncologists’ ability to respond to patient’s emotions and the impact of the
intervention on patient outcomes.
§  A qualitative study of patients “thinking aloud” as they listen to audiorecordings of oncologists talking to patients about goals of care.
Mardi 12 février 2013, 12h30-13h30!
Salle de séminaire 15 (6015)!
CHUV, Bugnon 21, Niveau 6!
Entrée Libre (conférence en anglais)!
Lazare Benaroyo, Président, Ethos - Plateforme interdisciplinaire d’éthique, UNIL ("
Alain Kaufmann, Directeur, Interface sciences-société, UNIL ("
Gaia Barazzetti, Ethos - Plateforme interdisciplinaire d’éthique, UNIL ("
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