Feuille de devoirs Français I Unité 1 Unless otherwise indicated all

Feuille de devoirs Français I
Unité 1
Unless otherwise indicated all pages refer to your textbook. Cahier= workbook pages.
#1: *Bring a three-ring binder (un classeur) for all class handouts with paper and dividers for
note-taking and a folder with your name on it to class. This folder will contain all graded work
returned to you and it will stay in the classroom.
*Visit my Teacher’s Page on the VWA website and acquaint yourself with the materials you
need for class. On the main page, at the top, “Ressources pour toutes les élèves” includes
resources for all students taking French (e.g. Academic Integrity Form). Click on French I, to see
the resources you need for this class, organized by unit. Even when you lose or miss receiving
handouts (including this homework assignment syllabus for unit 1), you can download them all
#2: *Ecrivez (write): cahier d’exercices (workbook) pp. 4 (tout-all exercises)
*Make a vocabulary list with a left column of the words in French and a right column with
the meaning in English. (Columns should be widely separated so that when the page is folded
vertically, you will study by looking at the word in English, saying the French out loud and
writing it down before checking your answer.) On this list, include: all bolded words in the
yellow box in the textbook pp 15; les nombres de 0 à 10-- pp. 17; pp. 23; also Ajoutez (add):
*Bonsoir= good evening, *Bonne nuit= good night, *A toute à l’heure= see you (very)
shortly; *Comment vous appelez-vous? (formal) *(Not in book)
#3: *Make a vocabulary list that includes: all bolded words in yellow box p. 24; les nombres de
10 à 20 p. 21. Regardez et écoutez (watch and listen to the video on the Teacher’s Page with the
numbers 0-1000. You only have to learn up to 20 for now.)
*Ecrivez cahier d’exercices p. 8/ Ex. 2
#4: *Interrogation écrite (quiz): will be a short dictée (dictation) in the form of a dialogue and
spelling of French names-- étudiez (study) p. 15, p. 23, p. 24
* Ecrivez cahier d’exercices p. 12 (tout/all)
#5: * Ecrivez le verbe être (on the verb table (=la grille des verbes on Teacher’s Page)
*Ajoutez (add) to your vocabulary list: les nationalités + ones given in class p. 19
* Ecrivez cahier p.7 (tout) + p. 8/ Ex. 3
*Etudiez (study) les nombres de 21 à 60 pp. 25 dans le texte (suggestion: write out all of
them in two well-spaced columns: one for digits, one for the corresponding numbers spelled out
in letters)
#6: *Révisez (review) les nombres de 0 à 60 (also watch the video up to 60)
*Ecrivez la feuille de révision pour Leçon 1 (distribuée- handed out)
#7. *Interrogation écrite: Leçon 1 A, B, C (pp. 14-25 dans le texte, les nombres de 0 à 60)
*Leçon 2: Etudiez les nombres de 60 à 79 pp. 29 (see the video up to 79 and write out 60-79
in letters and in digits in well-spaced columns on a sheet of paper)
#8. *Faites (make) une liste de vocabulaire p. 27 et 31 (words in yellow boxes)
*Ecrivez cahier pp. 15/ Ex 2; pp. 16/ Ex 4
*Ecrivez: les nombres 80 à 1000 pp. 33 (Watch and study the whole video with the numbers 0-1,000)
#9: *Ecrivez dans votre classeur (your binder) le vocabulaire de la famille et des animaux
domestiques pp. 35 et ajoutez (add) these words: Pour la famille: un beau- père= stepfather;
une belle-mère= a stepmother; un beau-frère= a stepbrother; une belle-soeur= a stepsister; un
demi-frère, une demie-soeur= half brother/sister; Pour les animaux domestiques: un hamster;
un cochon d’Inde= guinea pig; un oiseau= a bird; une souris blanche= a white mouse; un
poisson= a fish; une perruche= a parakeet; un serpent= a snake
#10. *Ecrivez le verbe avoir (on the verb table= la grille des verbes)
*Ecrivez p. 39/Ex 5 (le livre= textbook)
#11. *Mini-projet (25 points): Dessinez (draw) your family tree, with the face of each member
of your family (at least 6 people). Say who each person is to you: “C’est mon/ma….” Tell each
person’s age, and write out the number in words. Add your pets and give their names and ages.
Write in complete sentences for each description!!! Remember: the details don’t have to be
true; they just have to be creative!  This is a graded assignment. Use your book and notes,
but do not ask anyone for help except me. Write and sign the honor pledge on your work:
Je n’ai ni donné ni reçu d’informations illicites.
*Ecrivez cahier pp. 19-20 (tout)
#12: Faites les feuilles de révision Unité 1 (distribuées)
#13: Contrôle (test) Unité 1 (on everything above)
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