Course description
It will introduce French grammatical structures in varied contexts to give information, express
feelings, hold sustained conversations and construct arguments. Participation in contextualized
role plays and skits will be encouraged.
 To enhance the learners’ skills acquired at the elementary level as well as introducing to
them new grammatical aspects required in daily life communication situations.
 To help the learners acquire real communication skills& techniques with the use of
authentic documents.
 To help the learners prepare and make presentations on various topics in french.
Content :
 Revision of pronominal verbs and their negative form.
 Revision of the past tense –use of verbe être » emphasised .
- Gender changes in the past tense
- Cases of pronominal verbs
- Negation in the past tense
Introduction of the imperfect tense its formation, usage basing on someone’s biography
Describing one’s childhood memories.
The use of the past tense and the imperfect tense combined
Introduction of the future tense ; its formation & usage
Talking about one’s future plans & activities
Expected outcome
By the end of the course, learners should be able to:
 to narrate past events using the past and imperfect tenses in french.
 Talk about their childhood memories
 Talk about their future plans & projects
Mode of delivery
 Lectures
 Group discussion & oral presentation
 Task –based learning
 Use of audio-visual and authentic documents
Mode of Assessment
 Course work will constitute 30%
 Final written examination will constitute 70%
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2. Annie MONNERIE GOARIN, 1991, Bienvenue en France, Méthode de français Tome I,
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