Programmation Trunk SIP UC540

Programmation Trunk SIP UC540
To allow access to the CCA the Password should be the same as for enable
once logged-in Open SIP Trunk Configure  Telephony  Ports and Trunks  SIP Trunk
Fill the necessary information provided by Thinktel
Under the Advanced Options Tab :
If the Toll Fraud Protection option is enabled ,you can only enter the Hosts IP Addresses
NB: You can enter the networks in ACLs “see below”
For ThinkTel Add the Switch IP address
Programmation Trunk SIP UC540
Make sure that the SIP Trunk is UP : Monitor  Telephony  SIP Trunk status
Make sure that the UC540 NAT Telephony port (5060) is set to external . Configure  Security
 NAT  Add
Check the Access list rule : Configure Security  Access List Manager
Upon activation of Toll Fraud some standard ACL were created.
Add the range of networks supplied by Thinktel
For Dial Plan setting : Configure  Telephony  Dial Plan
For Outgoing setting : Outgoing  Caller ID s’assurer que le Trunk est présent et bien configuré
il devrait l’être à la suite de la création du Trunk
Pour les appelles entrant : Incoming  Direct Dialing
Dans le cas d’un direct dialling foward vers une extention Ajouter dans la section Direct Dial to
Programmation Trunk SIP UC540
Internal le range ne devrait pas être visible car non fonctionnel.
Pour les auto-attendant, Groups ou operator Ajouter dans la section Direct Dial to AutoAttendant, Groups ou operator