Belgian Breast Meeting 2015

Belgian Breast Meeting
Senator F. Roelants du Vivier
13th october
Belgian interparliamentary Group on Breast
Breast clinics
Resolution of Magda De Meyer MP over
breast clinics adopted by House of
Representatives in 2004
Draft bill on breast clinics in discussion in
the Senate
Hearings in the social affairs committee
Future Belgian regulation in accordance
with european guidelines?
Banque de données RCM 2003
Nombre de patientes opérées
par hôpital en 2003
Nombre d'hôpitaux 2003
Moins de 25 patientes
17 soit 16 % des hôpitaux
Entre 25 et 50 patientes
27 soit 25 % des hôpitaux
Entre 50 et 100 patientes
33 soit 31 % des hôpitaux
Entre 100 et 150 patientes
17 soit 16 % des hôpitaux
Entre 150 et 200 patientes
5 soit 5 % des hôpitaux
Entre 200 et 300 patientes
6 soit 6 % des hôpitaux
Plus de 300 patientes
3 soit 3 % des hôpitaux
Dispersion des patientes…
Belgium has a strong commitment in the fight against breast cancer, that
affects 8000 women each year. With a good public health system, excellent
researchers and well renowned oncologists, a government that has
recently launched a general public free screening for women aged between
50 and 69, no one could say that nothing has been done to combat breast
However, much more needs to be done. Further steps should be taken in
order to prevent the illness, and more coherent medical structures have
still to be defined and worked out.
In this context, the role of parliamentarians is significant. Already at the
European Parliament, in Italy, in Latvia, in Portugal and in the United
Kingdom, all-party groups dealing with the issue of breast cancer have
been created, to coordinate the initiatives taken by legislators in this
The creation of a Belgian interparliamentary group on breast cancer is
based on the same commitment
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