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Arctic conference
Conference « L’’Arctique, sentinelle avancée du réchauffement climatique »
At the conference on the Arctic, Yves Frenot spoke on the French polar
research in Svalbard to understand global warming. For more information,
the website France Diplomatie
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Discover weekly news on the field of voluntary IPEV on the site of Le Monde
with their blog « La manchette des manchots »
Arctic Science Summit Week
The IPEV, through its director Yves Frenot, participates in the Arctic
Science Summit Week (ASSW) in Japan.
The summit includes meetings of the European Polar Board (EPB) and the
International Arctic Science Committee (IASC)
Marion Dufresne refit
To mark the 20th anniversary of the Research Vessel Marion Dufresne , the refit
began on March 15.The research vessel Marion Dufresne went to DAMEN Dunkerque for
makeover. These should be completed in early July and will be followed by sea trials
for a return to service on 1 September 2015 at the Réunion.
Every year, women and men go to work in Antarctica.
Discover the video of their viewpoints:
“Et si l’Antarctique était…?”
Et si l’Antarctique était…? par ipev