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Reasons Why a Tanzanite Necklace is the Perfect Gift for Her

Reasons Why a Tanzanite Necklace is the Perfect
Gift for Her
Tanzanite is more a mystery than just a gemstone for two reasons. First, its
mind-blowing cosmic hues that range from blue to violet to purple, and second, its
exceptional rarity since a tanzanite is found only in a single mining location
throughout the world that is situated in Tanzania. Women who are intrigued by things
that appear other-worldly and are wrapped in a mystical aura, we assume tanzanites
could be a perfect treat for them to style, not only like a diva but like a supernova.
So even if tanzanite might not be one of the favorite gemstones of every girl, the
gem’s exotic color scheme and versatility can convince every single one to not give it
a second thought before styling a tanzanite necklace any time & for any occasion
and this can be supported with the following reasons.
24th Wedding Anniversary or December Birthday Gift
A December-born woman must find every way possible to include any piece of jewelry
featuring a tanzanite birthstone. Why…because wearing one can amp up the positive
vibes and release negative energy from her surroundings, thus creating room for
creativity to make the brain work efficiently toward realizing dreams into reality now that’s surely a reasonable argument in favor of wearing a tanzanite necklace. As
far as wedding anniversary milestones are concerned, tanzanites have already taken
up the 24th position, once again, showing their prowess in the world of gemstones and
A Unique Valentine’s Treat of Love
Presenting your bae a box full of chocolates and a bouquet of red roses with greetings
is a traditional Valentine’s ritual but breaking the norms and bringing out the rarity
with clarity is what tanzanites are all about. For those budget-friendly buddies who
would prefer an affordable real and rare gem over priceless rubies and diamonds, it’s
time to bet your relationship goals on blue-violet tanzanite pendants.
An Engagement or Wedding Day Souvenir
It’s alright if you choose to take vows with a diamond engagement or wedding ring,
but that’s not a reason to keep tanzanite jewelry out of the spotlight - a tanzanite
necklace and a pair of tanzanite stud earrings decked up with diamonds make a
spectacular gift for your SO on your big day. It’s time to take your girl on a dreamy
ride to the star-studded night sky - over the moon, isn’t she?
An Epitome of Spiritual Aura
As a reservoir of psychic wonders, tanzanites don’t discriminate when showering their
blessings on the wearers, so why should this not be a reason to buy a tanzanite
necklace? If you think curating one from the bunch is too much of a hassle, here’s my
recommendation - pick a tanzanite solitaire in an antique pendant setting for your
mom as a Mother’s Day present.
Drenched in the transformational energy that can stimulate her higher consciousness,
a tanzanite close to her heart will bestow her with the exact dose of calmness to
make her feel re-energized.
How to Keep Slaying Tanzanite Delights For Years?
Those individuals who love tanzanites from the depths of their hearts but are
uncertain if they can wear their jam every day rather than just occasionally must
wake up now!!! Keep your eyes wide open and mark my words - although tanzanites
are not one of the most durable gemstones on the scale (with a score between 6 and
7 on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale), your little care & protection from extreme
forces can prolong the life of your tanzanite necklace.
Now how to ensure this is also a big question. Picking a protective setting, like the
bezel setting for your tanzanites, and removing your tanzanite bracelet or ring
before doing any physically demanding job is a good practice. Add another point to
the list - Just like you keep your littles away from those harmful electric gadgets,
your tanzanite beauties might not see the light of the day if put in the care of an
ultrasonic cleaner or steamer. Why take any pain when just a warm bath in a soapy
solution with a soft brush will make your tanzanites all fresh and awake? Well, this is
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good to have more than less?)