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English B1 Grammar Review

B1 Grammar Review
Complete the sentence with the appropriate form of the verb in parentheses (present
simple, present continuous, past simple, present perfect). Pay attention to the context
and the keywords in the sentence!
1. At the moment Joan __________________ (enjoy) her holiday in the Canary Islands.
2. I _______________ (go) to see a movie last weekend with my family.
3. Every Saturday they ______________ (swim) for an hour.
4. John __________________ (work) at the post office since 1998.
5. When he was a child, he ________________ (have) a stuffed animal (=une peluche)
named Goofy.
6. The situation in the country is bad now, and currently (=actuellement) it
_______________________ (get) worse.
7. Oh no! My necklace ________________ (disappear)! I can't find it anywhere!
8. We normally _____________ (take) the bus to go to work, but today we
__________________ (drive).
9. How long ____________________ (you – live) in Luxembourg?
10. _____________________ (she – receive) the e-mail I sent to her yesterday?
11. Eric _________________ (not – play) football right now. He __________________
(eat) dinner.
12. We're looking for an apartment, but we ___________________ (not - find) one yet.
13. Sarah usually _________________ (not – watch) TV, but at the moment she
__________________ (look for) information about Europe.
14. A: _____________________ (you – want) to eat lunch with me today?
B: Thanks for the offer, but I __________________ (already – have) lunch.
15. Mary ___________________ (be) born in Korea in 1980.
16. John ___________________ (not – be) present at the meeting last week.
17. A: How many times _____________________ (he – ride) a motorcycle?
B: He ___________________ (do) it over ten times.
18. They regularly _________________ (fly) to Malta for business.
19. ___________________ (you – be) in charge of sales at your previous job?
20. This week, she ___________________ (not – train) new employees. She
___________________ (finish) work on SAP.
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