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Cold Pressed oil v s Ordinary oil

Cold Pressed Oil v/s Ordinary Oil
Cold Pressed oil
Cold-pressed oil are extracted without
the use of heat or chemicals. The process
uses a wood press to crush the seeds or
nuts and then extract the oil. On the other
hand, normal oils are usually extracted
using heat, chemicals, or solvents, which
can damage or destroy the natural
properties of the raw materials
Ordinary oil
Ordinary oil, also known as refined oil, is
typically extracted from seeds or nuts
using heat and chemicals. The process
involves crushing the seeds or nuts and
then using solvents or chemicals to
extract the oil.
Buy Cold pressed oil to stay healthy
Cold-pressed oils are generally considered
healthier than conventional oils due to the
process of natural extraction and
preservation when extracting cold-pressed
oils without the use of heat or chemicals,
and thus retain many of their natural flavors,
aromas and nutritional benefits. This means
that cold-pressed oils generally contain more
vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than
plain oils.
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