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My Holiday

My Holiday
My holidays were great!!!! my holidays officially started on the 23rd of November. I spent the
first half of my holidays with my mom. For I was tired due to studying for the exams, I
relaxed for about 10 days. My big sister later came from university for holiday. We had a lot
of fun making videos together.I enjoyed her company.
Christmas was approaching and we decided to spend Christmas here at home with my mom
and go to my grandma for New Years.Christmas was nice. My grandma lives in Eswatini in a
village called Shewula. I met a few of my cousins on my way there. I got to meet relatives I
never knew existed.
One misfortune that happened this holiday is the passing
of my dog,Sparkle. He was my favourite thing on earth!!
He had been my pet for close to 6 years.He looked
something like this- with white under his neck.