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presentation company english

I will present you my company AFE or Audit Finance Expert, created in december 1991 by Mr FAGES
Phillipe, its a company of accounting.
We have approximately 180 employees, there is a good compensation system with good bonus.
Audit Finance Expert has a good reputation, the company is considered as the largest accounting firm
in the south of France.
We have a good investment service with eres amundi its an other company partner with AFE did the
investement services.
You can have the “pee” it’s the plan eparge entreprise, so every month you can invest 50 euros
maximum, and your money automatically triples but it is blocked for 5 years
The name of the website is progresstelerik, there is a classic header, the main color is blue, we have a
little boxes in the main page explain the different ui component and developers solutions, a little
lower we have the sponsors of this company like samsung, ibm etc…