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Benefits and relevant factors in minimally invasive procedure

Benefits and relevant factors in minimally invasive procedure
ロンドン脱⽑ or endovascular therapy has become a treatment with multiple benefits to treat various pathologies, due to the various benefits
it brings to patients to recover their quality of life.
The use of minimally invasive techniques has a series of general advantages, applicable to any procedure, supporting the reduction of secondary
postoperative morbidity and mortality, decreased physiological response to surgical aggression, high level of patient care, and better results.
We could summarize the advantages and benefits of this type of surgery, based on the following points:
- Reduction of the systemic inflammatory response associated with therapy and improvement in the immune response.
- It reduces postoperative pain mainly due to the absence of important surgical incisions and the reduction of trauma in healthy tissues.
- It presents less discomfort for the patient, due to the small incisions and the little surgical trauma.
- Since the wounds have smaller diameters, their healing is faster, and there are fewer complications in the surgical wound.
- Minimal scars.
- Decrease in postoperative time and hospital stay, significantly reducing associated costs.
- Fewer side effects.
- Less blood and less requirement for blood transfusions
- Quick return to daily activities.
Vascular surgery is known for being the specialty in charge of varicose veins, but it is not its only center of attention.
According to experts, this specialty was born many years ago from cardiovascular surgery. These specialists operated on the heart, all the
arteries leading from the heart and the veins that carry blood to the heart muscle. As medicine has evolved and becomes increasingly complex,
this specialty has been divided into cardiac surgery and vascular surgery.
These specialties are in charge of the arteries that go from the heart to the brain, kidneys, livers; of all the veins that reach the heart and the
lymphatic system, which is a microsystem through which everything that cannot circulate through the blood circulates, large proteins, fats,
bacteria” adds the specialist.
According to doctors, the latter is vital, since, if microorganisms such as bacteria circulate in the blood, it would produce in simple terms
septicemia. On the other hand, if it does so through the lymphatic system, they reach the nodes, where the cells of the immune system are
responsible for fighting infections.
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