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Heart Surgeries In Bangladesh

Best Heart Surgery in Bangladesh - Glance Medical
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Best Heart Surgery in Bangladesh
The best heart surgery for an individual depends on their specific condition and medical
history. There are many different types of heart surgery, and the most appropriate one
for a particular patient will depend on factors such as the location and severity of the
problem, the patient's age and overall health, and the experience of the surgeon.
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Neuro Surgery in Bangladesh
Neuro surgery, also known as neurological surgery, is a medical specialty that focuses on
the treatment of conditions affecting the brain, spine, and nervous system.
Neurosurgeons are highly trained medical professionals who use surgical and nonsurgical techniques to treat a wide range of conditions affecting the nervous system.
Orthopedics Surgery Hips in Bangladesh
Orthopedic surgery of the hips refers to a range of surgical procedures that are
performed to treat conditions affecting the hip joint, such as hip arthritis, fractures, and
other injuries. Orthopedic surgeons who specialize in hip surgery have extensive
training and experience in treating conditions affecting the hip joint.
Bone Replacement in Bangladesh
Bone replacement is a medical procedure used to replace or repair bones that have been
damaged due to injury, disease, or other conditions. The goal of bone replacement is to
restore function and stability to the affected area and improve overall quality of life for
the patient.
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Liver Transplant in Bangladesh
Liver transplant is a surgical procedure that involves replacing a diseased or damaged
liver with a healthy liver from a donor. It is typically reserved for patients with end-stage
liver disease, liver cancer, or other conditions that have caused irreversible liver
During the transplant surgery, the patient's diseased liver is removed and replaced with
a healthy liver from a deceased or living donor. The new liver is then connected to the
patient's blood vessels and bile ducts.
Liver transplant is a complex procedure that requires careful evaluation and
preparation. Patients must undergo a thorough medical and psychological evaluation to
determine their eligibility for transplant. They must also be on a waiting list for a donor
liver, which can take months or even years.
Surgical Oncology in Bangladesh
Surgical oncology is a medical specialty that involves the surgical treatment of
cancer. Surgical oncologists are specialized surgeons who have expertise in the
diagnosis, staging, and treatment of cancer using surgical techniques.
Surgical oncology plays a crucial role in the treatment of many types of cancer, including
breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and many others. The goal
of surgical oncology is to remove as much of the cancerous tissue as possible, while
preserving as much healthy tissue and function as possible.
Cancer Treatment in Bangladesh
Cancer treatment involves a range of medical interventions aimed at preventing,
managing, and treating cancer. The specific treatment options used will depend on the
type and stage of cancer, as well as the individual patient's medical history and
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Cancer Surgery in Bangladesh
Cancer surgery is a type of medical procedure that involves the removal of cancerous
tumors and surrounding tissue. The goal of cancer surgery is to remove as much of the
cancerous tissue as possible, while preserving as much healthy tissue and function as
Cancer surgery may be used alone or in combination with other cancer treatments such
as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. The specific type of cancer
surgery used will depend on the type and stage of cancer, as well as the individual
patient's medical history and preferences.
Cardiology Surgery in Bangladesh
Cardiology surgery, also known as cardiovascular surgery, is a surgical specialty that
deals with the treatment of conditions related to the heart and blood vessels. Cardiology
surgery may involve a wide range of procedures, from minimally invasive procedures to
complex surgeries that involve open heart surgery.
After cardiology surgery, patients may require a period of recovery and rehabilitation to
help them regain strength and function. Regular follow-up care and monitoring is also
important to detect any complications or recurrence of heart disease.
Open Heart Surgery in Bangladesh
Open heart surgery, also known as traditional heart surgery, is a surgical procedure that
involves opening the chest and performing surgery on the heart. It is typically used to
treat a variety of conditions, including coronary artery disease, heart valve disease, and
congenital heart defects.
During open heart surgery, the patient is placed under general anesthesia, and the
surgeon makes a long incision down the center of the chest to access the heart. The heart
is then temporarily stopped, and a heart-lung machine is used to maintain blood
circulation throughout the body during the surgery.
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Bypass Surgery in Bangladesh
Bypass surgery, also known as coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), is a surgical
procedure used to treat coronary artery disease, a condition in which the arteries that
supply blood to the heart become narrowed or blocked.
During the procedure, a surgeon creates a new pathway for blood to flow to the heart by
using a blood vessel from another part of the body, such as the leg or chest. This new
pathway bypasses the blocked or narrowed portion of the coronary artery, allowing
blood to flow freely to the heart.
Plastic Surgery in Bangladesh
Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that involves the reconstruction, restoration, or
alteration of the body's appearance. It is generally divided into two categories:
reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery.
Reconstructive surgery is typically used to correct defects or abnormalities caused by
congenital conditions, trauma, infection, or disease. Some examples of reconstructive
procedures include breast reconstruction after mastectomy, cleft lip and palate repair,
and reconstructive surgery after cancer treatment.
Gastroenterology in Bangladesh
Gastroenterology is the branch of medicine that focuses on the digestive system,
including the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. Gastroenterologists
are medical doctors who specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions that affect the
digestive system.
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Fertility Treatments in Bangladesh
Fertility treatments are medical procedures used to help couples or individuals who are
having difficulty conceiving a child. These treatments can involve a variety of methods,
including medications, surgery, and assisted reproductive technologies (ART).
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