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how to install haynes software

Please READ IT before you use your device/software.
Thank you for purchase Haynes
Pro Workshop Data 2015
Please follow this instruction and you will install your software. If, after installation your software is
in German language then it means that you haven’t created Haynes Pro icon and you click Atris icon.
Please follow the instruction on page 8 !!! DO NOT forget about creating your own (Haynes Pro) icon
1. Insert disc 1 and run install:
Choose your language:
Read T&C and if you agree accept it and click next:
Now Click box 1 and 4:
Click Next:
Click single workstation installation and then NEXT:
Click Next
Click No
Click Installation without pictures and next:
Click: I accept T&C and next
Click Next
It will start to install it:
Once it is ready, Click finish:
When you see this windows click cancel and finish:
Insert your DISC 2 and click second setup icon.
Click OK
Click Next
Click Next
Click Install
Now Click: No, I will restart my system myself and click Done:
Delete this icon from your desktop:
DO NOT CLICK ON ANY ATRis icon because you will see the software in German language. Please
follow the instruction on the next page!!!
Open CD1 and folder CRACK:
Copy distrib file and RunAsDate file to your install directory which should be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ATRis_Technik
C:\Program Files\ATRis_Technik
Hit Copy and Replace.
Click Continue.
Now, close the crack folder. We are now going to create a desktop icon for the new Haynes pro. Find
file RunAsDate which you just copied into ATRis_Technik folder and click it twice. You should see
this box now:
Click on Browse and find program called: sed.exe or sed.
It is in the same folder as before (C:\Program Files (x86)\ATRis_Technik
Or C:\Program Files\ATRis_Technik)
Change time to: 01/02/2015 and type: Hynaes Pro next to Create Desktop Shortcut.
It should looks like this:
Then click close.
You should see icon like the one bellow.
This is your Haynes Pro main program!!!
It is now set up and ready to go.
Thank you again for your purchase!!!
I hope you are happy with your purchase; it was a pleasure doing business with you. I have already
left positive feedback for you, when you have a chance, and if you're satisfied with this transaction,
please leave some positive feedback for me as well!