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Gracili Minimal Systems®
Euro Systems LLC
3 Church St, Kidderminster, Worcestershire, DY10 2AD,
United Kingdom.
Salwa Road
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Doha, Qatar
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Tel: +44 190 260 7111
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Minimal System for Maximum
Gracili minimal systems® specially designed to elevate the design of your space.
It is a unique sliding door and window system designed for large openings which
results in maximum views. The system is effortless sliding as well as offers
flexibility for delicate corner areas and special conditions. The system has a one of a kind,
zero cavity sliding configuration, which eliminates the issue of dust formation with the
specialty of concealed unique bearing wheels. The sleek design of Gracili 25 creates a
seamless transition from inside, to the outdoors.
Gracili minimal systems® is an architectural product, designed for architects, planners and
clients who want to bring a structure in to life with minimal elements. Designers will enjoy
the wealth of design opportunities offered by this premium modular system. Our engineers
pay close attention to the intricate details of the design to achieve
perfection in the process. The system is made from materials sourced of the highest quality
available and produced in a state of the art facility backed by innovative
Zero Threshold / Zero Cavity
Corner Free Post
Drainage System
25 Series
Gracili Minimal Systems® series 25 is designed to elevate your space to enjoy a panoramic
view of the outdoors. The 25 mm slim minimal sliding window system, caters to
contemporary designs and large-scale doors and windows. It can be your timeless choice in
terms of functionality and appearance. Each
sliding panel of the Gracili 25 series can be 5000mm height with width of 2800 mm
effortless sliding.
35 Series
Gracili Minimal Systems® series 35 has a slightly wider mid-frame profile of 35mm called as
concealed sliding
shutter systems. It is specially designed for areas where with height limitation. Each sliding
panel of the Gracili series 35 can go to up 3000mm height and width of 1750mm can be
achieved. The Gracili 35 series can be configured with all the unique configurations of
series 25 range.
Minimal Facade Configuration
Gracili Minimal Systems® Façade is designed to be compatible with
Gracili 25mm Minimal sliding systems. The minimal façade configured with 25 mm wide
midframe, slim mullions reinforced to suit design requirement, suitable for single & duplexheight up to 12,000 mm high fixed glazing, the right choice specially when used along with
the Gracili series 25 sliding system, the façade system enhances the exterior environment
to give a maximum view of the outdoor setting.
Water Resistant
Wind Resistant
Noise Reduction
Shading Integration
Thermal Transmission
Air Permeable
Zero Threshold / Zero Cavity
Effortless Sliding Movement
Post Free Configuration