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Tchnical english test (topic two)

Département : Electrotechnique
Filière : Electrotechnique
Spécialité : Electrotechnique
Niveau : L1 (1ère année ETT)
Full name: BERRAHAL Amina
The theme choosen : What is the thing that made you want to be an electrical
engineer ?
When I got my bachelor's degree in electrical and electronic engineering, I felt
like an impostor as someone who just pretends to be an engineer because since
childhood I am following all electrical issues with my father because he is also works
in the electrical field, then I took engineering in electrical advantage to prove my skills
and more I felt a lot of motivation for this specialty because it is a new experience.
First, electrical engineering is one of the newer branches of engineering. It is the
branch of engineering that deals with the technology of electricity. Electrical
engineers work on a wide range of components, devices and systems, from tiny
microchips to huge power station generators, for example if it's a practical, real-world
device that produces, conducts or uses electricity, in all likelihood, it was designed by
an electrical engineer.
Second, it is a broad and creative field involving the design, development and
management of systems and devices which contribute to our quality of life. An
electrical engineer will use new, computer intensive technologies to create and
manage complex hardware and software systems and reliable, cost effective devices.
More that, today electrical engineering is integrated into almost everything we
do because of the takeover of technology
As well as in today's world, there is nothing without electrical or electronics
because both plays a major role in our everyday life's, we can really make the world a
better place to live for our future generations and we electrical engineers can play a
major role.
finally I hope to present more in this area for our country and be an active
member in it because it is a very important area and besides I also still believe in the
saying that if you don't increase anything in life then you are in excess.