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VNUS Closure Procedure A Promising Outpatient Treatment For Varicose Veins.

VNUS Closure Procedure: A
Promising Outpatient Treatment For
Varicose Veins.
Why are my veins so swollen and do I have to live with this pain and disfiguration? These
are the questions that run through a person's mind when they are dealing with varicose
veins. When you notice bulging veins in your legs, get varicose vein treatment NJ at vein
clinics, Clifton.
Varicose veins are a result of weakened veins. The weakened veins are a result of simple
things including crossing one’s legs or standing too long on a frequent basis. Other factors
that can influence the development of varicose veins are family history, obesity, and
pregnancy. Get more information to prevent these veins from veins clinic woodland park.
Veins are the blood vessels that transport blood from the lower part to the heart. When these
veins become weakened the valves to force the blood forward and restrict it from going
backward no longer function properly. As a result, blood can become backed up. It is this
problem that causes the veins to become swollen, painful, and unsightly. Make an
appointment with vein doctor Paramus to diagnose the problem adequately so that the
right vein treatment near me Clifton can be recommended.
What can be done?
There are many temporary treatments that help relieve the symptoms of varicose veins.
These treatments include raising one’s legs, ingestion of anti-inflammatory medicine, and
carrying specially designed hosiery that compresses the legs. These treatments however are
temporary and do not correct the actual problem. Get the treatment only by a vein
specialist near me Paramus.
Surgery is another option that can be considered. Having surgery as a varicose veins
treatment at vein clinics in NJ can give a person permanent relief from the symptoms, but
many times this is a scary option. VNUS Closure procedure is also an effective method to
relieve these unsightly swollen veins.
VNUS Closure procedure:
The following method is a minimally invasive treatment for people who are suffering from the
condition, known as superficial venous reflux, which leads to varicose veins and other
complications. Discuss the treatment with a vein specialist near me Clifton.
It is a kind of outpatient surgery that helps relieve the symptoms and lets you resume normal
activity within a day, just after the treatment.
What is Superficial Venous Reflux?
The legs consist of a network of veins. Healthy legs involve vein valves that function to help
transfer blood back to the heart against gravity. Venous reflux occurs when the valves that
function nonstop of transportation of blood from the legs back to the heart, become damaged
or diseased. This can result in blood pooling within the veins. Also, this can exaggerate the
symptoms such as pain, swelling, swollen limbs, heaviness in the legs, fatigue, skin
discoloration, and skin ulcers.
The VNUS Closure procedure:
A closure method is an alternative option to conservative vein stripping surgery. The method
is executed on an outpatient basis. The vein doctor near me woodland park uses
ultrasound to perform this method. he/she inserts a catheter into the abnormal veins through
a small opening in the skin. The very small catheter transmits radiofrequency energy to the
waves of the veins. Once the RF (radio frequency) energy is transmitted and the catheter is
pulled out, the vein valve is heated. This will result in collagen in the wall shrinking and
closing the veins. Once the treated vein is shut, blood is rerouted to other healthy veins.
After that, the specialist places a simple bandage over the treated area and provides
additional compression to offer fast healing. Your doctor from veins clinics new jersey may
recommend you to walk and stop from standing and sitting for a longer period of time.
Benefits of the procedure:
Help relieve symptoms of varicose veins
The patient can return back to normal activity just after the treatment.
It is an outpatient procedure.
The method is executed under general or local anesthesia.
You will be able to obtain effective results without leaving any scars, bruises, or
Discuss the treatment with your doctor first, before its execution.