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How Does VNUS Closure Procedure Work To Relieve Varicose Veins

How Does VNUS Closure Procedure
Work To Relieve Varicose Veins?
Varicose veins are a result of weakened veins. Veins can become weak as a result of simple
things such as crossing one’s legs or standing too long on a frequent basis. Other reasons that
are responsible for the occurrence of varicose veins are family history, obesity, and
pregnancy. Consult a vein doctor to know the prevention methods so that the vein problem
should be avoided.
Veins are the highways that carry oxygen-rich blood to every part of your body. When these
veins become weakened the valves force the blood forward and restrict it from going
backward no longer function properly. As a result, blood can become backed up. Therefore,
the veins become swollen, painful, and unsightly. Such types of situations require a vein
doctor near me.
What can be done?
There are many substitute treatments that help reduce the symptoms of varicose veins. These
treatments include elevating one’s legs, taking anti-inflammatory medicine, and wearing
specially designed hosiery that compresses the legs. These treatments at vein treatment
centers however are temporary and do not correct the actual problem.
Surgery is another option that can be considered. Having surgery as a varicose vein treatment
can give a person permanent relief from the symptoms, but many times this is a scary option.
However, as science continues to progress, new and less invasive surgery options become
VNUS Closure Procedure:
The VNUS Closure Procedure is one of these new options that provide promising results for
patients. This procedure causes less pain and bruising than the current traditional methods of
treating varicose veins. During this procedure, a catheter is inserted into the affected vein.
Once it is positioned it is heated using temperature-controlled RF energy. This type of
energy is also known as radiofrequency radiation and has been used in medical practice for
more than seventy-five years. The heating of the catheter causes the collagen in your
vascular walls to shrink. Once the procedure is complete the damaged veins are completely
closed and your blood then changes course to flow through healthy veins.
Proponents of this treatment point to the fact that patients return to their normal lifestyle and
activities much quicker than with traditional treatment methods. Along with much quicker
healing, this treatment has been shown to have a 97.4 percent efficacy rate at one year.
What are some of the benefits of VNUS Closure?
The benefits of the VNUS Closure procedure are discussed below:
Reduction in symptoms.
Fast recovery
Return back to the normal activities.
Results are good with minimal scars.
Is the procedure painful?
Patients who go through the VNUS Closure feel some pain and burning sensation when the
professionals administer the local anesthesia. After giving the local anesthesia during the
closure procedure, the patients may feel a hot sensation.
Varicose veins are painful and disfiguring, but with new methods like the VNUS Closure
Procedure, patients have much better options for treating them and going on to normal life.
You can get the following treatment option at the vein treatment clinic.