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What You Have To Know About Twin Pregnancy

What You Have To Know About Twin Pregnancy?
Having more than one fetus to full term can be defined as multiple births. There could be
many reasons like hereditary, race, previous history of pregnancy with multiple fetuses,
infertility treatments that may be responsible for twin baby pregnancy.
Types Of Multiple births:
● Monozygotic (Identical Twins): when a single fertilized egg splits into two different
halves, identical babies are produced. They are genetically identical with the same
● Dizygotic (Fraternal Twins): when two different sperms fertilize two eggs babies
unlike each other in characteristics are formed. These sorts of twin births are more
● 'Super Twins' is a term used for high order births like triplets, quadruplets. They can
be identical or fraternal but such births are rare.
Twin pregnancy complications:
● Premature birth is the biggest risk involved with twin birth pregnancy, which
increases the chances of high order births.
● Premature babies have a higher risk of developing infections and face other health
● Other than premature births, medical conditions like gestational diabetes, placental
problems also develop as a result of multiple pregnancies.
● May have Gestational hypertension.
● You may suffer from Anemia.
● There may be Birth deficiencies.
● Possibilities of Miscarriage rise higher.
● Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome.
Twin pregnancy isn't just unsafe for the children, yet additionally for the mother.
Nonetheless, a considerable lot of the dangers to the mother are likewise dangers to the
unborn babies, since they can lead to premature labor, complications, or in the worst cases,
fetal death.
Get proper prenatal care. Look for health experts who have experience with newborn twins.
Keeping Healthy During twins’ baby pregnancy.
Eat properly, get enough rest.
Nutrition With Multiple Pregnancies:
● Mothers expectant with multiples need 1600-2000 milligrams of calcium per day. So a
diet high in calcium should be provided when you are going to welcome newborn
baby twins.
● Taking folic acid a month before conceiving, and 3 months after reduces the chances
of neural tube defects.
● Your protein requirement also increases with multiple pregnancies.
● With multiple pregnancy anemia is very common, therefore iron supplements are also
● Apart from taking supplements, take foods rich in vitamin C such as yogurt, orange
juice along with your meal, this enhances iron absorption.
● Demands for other nutrients such as zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, and copper also
increase, due to multiple fetuses.
How to Prepare mentally?
Have your friends, family, and your doctors around you to reassure and encourage you.
Discuss the possibility of a c-section and a vaginal delivery with your doctor.You could hire
a doula. They offer help to the mother during birth and take care of the baby and other
household chores after delivery.
Multiple births are truly a miracle. Don't lose your cool if you come to know of your
pregnancy with multiple births. Multiple birth pregnancies like twin births, triplets, etc. are
on a rise, owing to a lot of reasons. This is a special case so take care during multiple
pregnancies to ensure safe delivery. Visit pregnancy for an in-depth understanding of this