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Full Mouth Reconstruction How To Beautify The Entire Mouth

Full Mouth Reconstruction: How To
Beautify The Entire Mouth?
Full mouth reconstruction implies the procedure of rebuilding or restoring all of the teeth in
your mouth. There are some parameters that should be checked on the patients before
executing the process of full mouth restoration such as it is impossible to conduct the
procedure if the candidates’ gums are not healthy. However, if they are not healthy enough
to sustain the surgery, they should be treated so that they would be able to withstand the
rigors of reconstruction. You can visit Cosmetic Dentistry North Miami for detailed
Who Is The Right Candidate?
The dentist from Cosmetic Dentistry Sunny Isles will conduct a check on patients’ oral
health such as:
● It will also be confirmed that the patient's bite is normal. If a patient cannot bite
properly, chewing would be impaired and the teeth would wear out. Also, the jaw and
neck would become sore which could lead to migraines. In order to correct this, the
bite would be aligned through one of several procedures like veneer on lay, porcelain
crowns and bridges, dental implants, and so on.
● Full mouth reconstruction is a complex process and it can include prophylactic teeth
cleaning, periodontal therapy, new fillings, crown lengthening, orthographic surgery to
reposition the jaw, and bone or soft tissue grafting. Other procedures that can be
undertaken due to individual needs are placement of temporary restorations,
neuromuscular dentistry, TMD therapy, dental implants to replace missing teeth
amongst others.
Since Full Mouth Reconstruction includes the process of restoration of the full mouth,
several specialists may be involved in the process such as:
● General or Cosmetic Dentists- creating crowns, implants, veneers, or bridges
● Orthodontists- pushing teeth into the proper position
● Periodontists- operating gum disease
The Full Mouth Reconstruction Examination:
The first step in this process includes visiting your dentist and getting a complete oral
examination. While doing the examination, the dentist will review the condition of your
teeth, gums, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and esthetics.
Teeth- Your Cosmetic Dentist Aventura will conduct a complete check on your teeth and
recommend the needed process like veneers, crown, implants to assess the teeth’ strength.
Gums- Your dentist will find out if there are any deep pockets, inadequate tissue, and gum
disease requiring treatments. He/She may perform scaling or other necessary treatments to
cure the gum disease if any present there. Moreover, it is a needed step to make sure the
newly reconstructed teeth will have a solid foundation.
TMJ- The dentist will examine your bite to be sure that there is no pain in them.
Esthetics- The Cosmetic Dentist Sunny Isles will record the color, proportion, size, and
shape of your teeth.
Moreover, he/she will take x-rays and collect other information about the mouth that will be
needed for the reconstruction of your mouth.
Full Mouth Restoration Procedures:
This process can be long as it involves several phases and office visits. The procedure may
take twelve months or more.
There are some of the following procedures enlisted below:
Entire teeth cleaning and periodontal treatment (if required).
Restructure of Gum tissue to form consistency in your smile.
Installation of braces to shift the teeth to the right position.
Bone grafting or rebuilding of soft tissue to strengthen the teeth.
There could be many other processes performed.
Full Bite Reconstruction Costs:
Most (but not all) full bite reconstructions entail executing procedures on every tooth in the
mouth. A common cost anywhere may range from $800 to $1,500 per tooth. This doesn't
consider oral surgery, periodontal, and other functional treatments. Don't be surprised to pay
$30,000 to $45,000 or more for a full mouth reconstruction.
Moreover, getting the best full mouth reconstruction requires conducting adequate research
in order to discover the exact professional with the right experience to carry out the
operation. You can consult yellow pages, visit internet forums, use search engines, consult
family and friends, etc, so that you will be well guided to ensure that you do not get into the
wrong hands. You should also find out about insurance which will be a source of respite for
you because part of the cost of the process will be taken off your shoulders.