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Desktop vs Mobile Responsiveness

Desktop vs Mobile Responsiveness
You might already know that browsing on the desktop is very different from browsing on
mobile devices. Screen orientation is different on both desktop and mobile. People using
mobile to browse the internet will be using their thumb to scroll and navigate through pages.
Therefore as a marketer, it is very important to realise this and optimise your website for both
desktop and mobile users. Your website should be responsive for both mobile and desktop
platforms. This practice is good for SEO and also it creates a good user experience. If you are
wondering about the difference between desktop and mobile responsiveness this article will
cover this topic.
Mobile Versus Desktop Responsiveness
The following are the main distinct component on mobile versus desktop.
1. Content Layout And Organisation
The organisation of content on mobile is very different from that of a desktop. When it comes
to content layout the needs of mobile users differ from those of desktop users.
Most of the searches when are done through mobile devices. It is important to optimise your
content for mobile users. This includes optimising image and text contents for portrait
2. Form Layouts
To maximise the conversion rate, it is important to ensure that forms in your website are
designed correctly and optimised for mobile users. Vertical alignment of mobile phones will
ensure that users can easily scroll back and forth to fill the forms. There is a lot of traffic from
mobile users and you don’t want to miss that due to poorly designed forms.
3. Menus
Menus differ greatly on both mobile and desktop platforms. As a website owner, it is important
to consider the menu. If your menu has several categories and subcategories this could not be a
problem for the desktop user but when it comes to mobile users it can create a negative
Keep in mind how your menus will appear on mobile platforms and mobile browsers. You can
tweak and adjust your menus to fit the needs of mobile browsing.
These are the key elements of desktop and mobile responsiveness. The recommendation is to
sure that the website is optimised for mobile users because they take up the largest percentage
of your website visitors.
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