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6xx XR

6xx XR
Security X-ray System
Three programmable button functions:
• Green: Crystal Clear (CC)
• Red: High Penetration (HP)
• Blue: Black and White (BW)
These keys are assigned the following functions:
• The Green Key performs the functions of the back space key.
• The Red Key performs the functions of the shift key.
• The Blue Key performs the functions of the Enter Key
Forward button
Stop button
Reverse button
X-ray lamps
Organic Material button
Inorganic Material button
Crystal Clear button
Black and White button
Inverse button
High Penetration button
Suspect/SE button
Variable Gamma
Variable Edge Enhancement
Variable Density
Variable Color
Previous Bag
Next Bag
Multiple Functions on Programmable Buttons
Applying more than one kind of image enhancement to a scanned image, in this case Black &
White, Crystal Clear and High Penetration.
The Back to Normal button returns the image to a normal “full” size
Back-to-Normal and Zero Button
Emergency Stop Switch, Keyswitch and Power Button