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Natural fruit and vegetable cleaner….a new dawn for your absolute food hygiene

Natural fruit and vegetable cleaner….a new dawn for your absolute
food hygiene
The staggering colour and feel of fruits and vegetables give us a feeling that they are 100% safe
to eat. Is it so? Of course not, you are not advised to eat the fresh produce straight out of your
grocery bag. The fruits and veggies in your bag would have traveled through many infected
hands before they got a place in your bag. Washing fruits and vegetables merely with
freshwater is not sufficient by any means. The water merely washes the surface but doesn't
remove the surface contaminants. The hygiene preferences have been changed especially after
the pandemic scenario….In fact, the suspicion of infection is still there. Therefore, the
conventional and virtual markets are packed with ​fruit and vegetable cleaner​. Such cleaners
have become the new way of disinfecting fruits and vegetables.
How to choose the right fruit and vegetable cleaner
When you have plenty of options, then it may be tricky to pick the right one. A similar scenario is
happening while choosing the right ​fruit and vegetable cleaner​. But what should be the
credentials while choosing a ​disinfectant wash for fruits and vegetables​? Here are few
credentials that make your choice an impactful one● The cleaner should be made of natural ingredients
● It shouldn't be too time-taking while cleaning
● Shouldn't harm the natural feel and texture of fruits and vegetables
● Shouldn't have any aftertaste or smell
● Should be easy-to-use
If you are looking for a certified and impactful ​natural fruit and vegetable cleaner t​ hen
HûMaree has brought an exclusive range of fruits and vegetable cleaners with the brand name
Hûmaree VegeSûre Vegetable wash and HûMaree FruSûre Fruit to wash. You can grab these
efficiently prepared certified natural cleaners for your fruits and vegetables.
Why has HûMaree brought separate cleaners for fruits and vegetables?
HûMaree has brought two separate cleaners for your fruits and vegetables. What is the reason
behind it? There is no trick behind its pure science. Vegetables and fruits both have different
textures on their surfaces and require cleaning accordingly. If the disinfectant wash has any
harsh and harmful contents, then it may affect the natural goodness of fruits and vegetables.
Our government certified in-house R&D has created these washes with ECOCERT certified
100% natural ingredients that will clean your fruits and vegetables with 100% assurance of
cleanliness. They don't have an aftertaste and smell, and they never affect the natural
goodness, colour, or the smell of your fruits and vegetables.
How HûMaree VegeSûre Vegetable Wash and HûMaree FruSûre Fruit Wash clean your
fruits and vegetables?
A 2 minutes' wash with HûMaree VegeSûre Vegetable Wash removes 99.9% germs, bad
bacteria, wax coating, artificial colouring, pesticides, and insecticides from the surface of
HûMaree VegeSûre Vegetable Wash is 100% free from soap, alcohol, detergent, perfume, or
artificial coloring and enriched with ECOCERT certified natural ingredients including Lemon
extract, naturally derived Glucosides and Natural Alpha Hydroxy. 500 ml of VegeSûre™ makes
around 83 liters of the mix, therefore it’s quite affordable, productive along ease of use.
FruSûre is enriched with Neem and Lemon extracts and removes 99.9% of surface
contaminants like germs, wax-coating, bad bacteria, insecticides, and pesticides, etc. It takes
just 2 minutes to clean your fruits and make them safe to eat.
Therefore, your search for an effective, natural, and 100% safe ​natural fruit and vegetable
cleaner​, then you can prefer HûMaree VegeSûre Vegetable Wash and HûMaree FruSûre
Vegetable Wash. They can be the perfect pick for the hygiene of your fruits and vegetables.