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What Is Oral Rehydration Solution And When Should You Use It

What is Oral Rehydration Solution and
when should you use it?
Feeling dehydrated and looking for the best rehydration drinks? It is time to get an Oral
Rehydration Solution. Whether you are looking for post-workout rehydration this article
will be helpful for you. Dehydration is described as a condition that happens from extreme
loss of body water. The situation of dehydration occurs because of an untreated diarrhoeal
disease that may happen due to contaminated food which leads to the loss of water and
electrolytes in the body.
Ors Oral Rehydration Solution is used to treat dehydration caused by diarrhea, a common
cause by a virus, or sometimes, contaminated food. Oral rehydration solution (ORS) is one
liter of water, six teaspoons of sugar, and a half teaspoon of salt ORS rehydration solution
is a special combination of dry salts that is mixed with safe water. ORS can help to fulfill the
water again in the body. You can make Ors Drink at home with a few ingredients like
boiled water, sugar, salt.
What ingredients an Oral Rehydration Solution Contains?
Ors Powder contains four ingredients 1. Glucose
2. Sodium Chloride
3. Potassium Chloride
4. Trisodium Citrate
- The sugar (glucose) allows the intestines to absorb sodium and hence water on a molar
basis in the body.
- Sodium and potassium are needed to replace the essential ion losses during diarrhea
and vomiting.
- Trisodium Citrate improves the acidosis that occurs as a result of diarrhea and
The addition of other ingredients included minerals (especially zinc) or vitamins. These
ingredients are capable of resolving the volume of water in the body and preventing
How to prepare oral rehydration solutions?
You can prepare an oral rehydration solution at home but this may not be as effective as
Recoverors ors powder. The Recover ORS has all ingredients that give fast and effective
Still, you want to make an effective oral rehydration solution, go to the following steps:
First mix Recoverors commercially available oral rehydration salts with water produce an
oral rehydration solution. Make sure you follow the instructions for preparing the ORS and
dosage carefully. Always take boiled or treated water to prepare the ORS.
Many oral rehydration salts are available in the market, but you ensure that you take the best
salt that may be available at the store. Once prepared, ORS should be used within 12 hours if
kept at room temperature or 24 hours if kept refrigerated.
Remember the quantity of ORS depends on the person's age or how much diarrhea affects
the person. Oral Rehydration Solution For Adults and children should drink at least 3
quarts or liters of ORS a day until they are well. Sometimes this situation requires doctor
consultation. If you are vomiting this will help you to receive the water loss by drinking the
ORS. Remember to take sips of liquids slowly. Get the best oral rehydration solution and
prevent your diarrhea or vomiting. ORS fulfill the lack of water in the body. Take the best
ORS salt and stay rehydrated. You can also purchase ORS online, available at the best price.