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Why programmers should blog

Why programmers should blog?
Blogging helps people to learn new things about programming and also helps programmers in
their development process. You may be thinking that why you should write, when you have a lot
of opportunities to learn through various tutorials and videos. You can learn from blogging
something best and as a developer; you can make it work for you as well. When you start teaching
people through your blogs, you will have to research and understand about the topic or idea more
because explaining a topic is a lot difficult than knowing it.
You may have the skill to connect to APIs from Android code without struggling a lot, but only
an expert writer knows the effort of writing and coaching others about something. Mode in-depth
knowledge is necessary, and you should have the skill to explain what happens under-the-hood.
For this, you have to learn the skills and concepts and it will bring a lot of benefits to you
throughout your career.
Blogs are survival guides for beginners
Recall the time when you have started your career as a developer, or in your college days when
you search for research papers and materials to get knowledge. You must have read articles and
searched for the sites that offer the right aspects to guide you. So, pay it back to the beginners!
Share your experience from a beginner to an expert programmer, or by just giving the appropriate
techniques, inventions, tools and developments in the industry. Blogs are survival guide for
beginners to learn and stand out in their career as a developer.
Develop good relations with new developers
Blogging helps you create new relations with other developers. When you publish original posts
on topics like Pros And Cons Of Serverless and Docker Container Status, it goes live to the
world and a large number of people read it, and you get a way to connect yourself with other
bloggers who have excellent developer teaching stuff just life you. Blogging opens doors to talk
and share your ideas and to make connections.
Builds a timeline of growth
You will find blogs and posts on topics like Check Docker Container Status and Caching In
Python. Consistent blogging helps you chronicle the development of your talents while you
understand to code. You can observe the progress in your posts, and this growth will motivate you
to keep going. Blogs can also help you in career development. You can ask your potential
employers to read your blog, which will leave a good effect on them when you read your posts.
You can find blogs and posts on different topics, such as Memoization Python and Python
Recursion Function. Programmers who are beginners should recognize their importance in the
tech-centric world. You are an essential aspect of the generation. Besides earning something
attractive, you should spend a good amount of time on blogging. It will contribute a lot for your
career and you can be inspiring other fellow programmers or students. So, recognize your
importance and worth of blogging.