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Houbara Bustard Bird

Houbara Bustard Bird
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Increase in captivity
Scientific study was the basis upon which the family breeding program was
established and developed in Abu Dhabi. Only by studying the physiological and
behavioral characteristics of birds, both in the wild and in captivity, can artificial
conditions suitable for large breeding birds be recreated. Initial studies led to a
breakthrough in 1996 when captive-bred Houbara chicks
Asian Houbara
The spread of Asian Houbara stretches from Northeast Asia (Mongolia and China) through
.Central Asia, the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula to the Sinai desert
After the breeding season in Central Asia during the spring, some groups of Asian Houbara
migrate south to spend the winter in warmer regions (Arabia, Pakistan and neighboring
Early the following spring, these birds return to their breeding habitats in China, .Southwest Asia)
.Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and other northeastern regions
Some groups of Asian Houbara live and breed in the southern part of their range, especially in
Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, and parts of Iran, Pakistan and
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