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Say yes to NCS!
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National Citizen Service (NCS) is a programme for all 15- to 17-year-olds that helps
young people build skills and be successful in work and life. There are three steps.
First, ‘Adventure’: in groups, you take part in an exciting trip away from home, for
four days, with sports and team-building activities.
Secondly, ‘Skills’ : With your team, you meet different people and associations in
your city. It’s an opportunity to build various skills, for example in Drama, Enterprise,
Media, Photography, etc. At this stage, you will also gain a first-aid-qualification.
The third step is called ‘Social action’. You define a project, raise funds, and
conduct your mission in your local community. Finally, you graduate and receive a
certificate signed by the Prime Minister.
Recap :
This document is an advertisement that promotes NCS. It shows the stories
of two young people who took part in NCS. Laura has been doing the
programme for three days now and she finds it amazing. She has been
living with her mates at an outdoor activity activity centre. She has been
doing many activities : rock-climbing, canoeing and hiking. It is positive for
her because she has developed her interpersonal intelligence.
Zach has been doing the programme for a pretty long time now. He has
been working on communication skills and team building. Now he is
ready to fundraise, create projects and make a difference in his city. It is
positive because he has organised sports workshops and he wants to have
his own gym later. It is an interesting experience for his future.