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Motorcycle Trailer Hitches – A Glance over Motorcycle Trailer Hitch Accessories

Motorcycle Trailer Hitches – A Glance
over Motorcycle Trailer Hitch
With growing time, trailers have become a popular option for motorcycle road trippers. A heavy
duty Harley trailer hitch offers all-round security to haul luggage, self-opening campers and pets on your
upcoming adventure.
Whether you are touring or camping, the benefits of motorcycle trailers are obvious. There are a number
of trailer hitch accessories available today that ensure easy and safe operations of the hitches. Trailers
hitch balls, 360 Safety Swivels and hitch receivers are fine examples of hitch accessories that can make
the hitches easier to use and maintain.
Hitch Ball
Being a part of the trailer, the hitch ball can be easily attached to your motorcycle. Usually made up of
chrome or other strong metal, the hitch balls of different weight limits are available today. They are
removable and hence can be easily changed if needed.
360 Safety Swivel
A 360 Safety swivel gives you the peace of mind needed while carrying a trailer behind your motorcycle.
Leaning into a turn is a necessary (and fun) part of riding a motorcycle. Sadly, when towing a trailer,
traditional couplers do not allow the appreciable lean needed in a turn, which can cause flipping, binding,
or jack-knifing. To help avoid these potentially deadly situations, industry insiders strongly advise the use
of a swivel coupler, and we agree.
A safety swivel provides a 360 degree swivel that gives your bike the ability to lean on turns, and provides
an element of safety and performance. The swivel hitch coupler is constructed of steel, has a high tensile
steel rod and has a black finish.
Hitch Receivers
Trailer hitch receivers come in various Square shapes.
• Class 1 Hitch. Class 1 Hitch Size: 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" receiver. Class 1 Hitch Rating: Up to 2,000 Lbs. ...
• Class 2 Hitch. Class 2 Hitch Size: 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" receiver. Class 2 Hitch Rating: Up to 3,500 Lbs. ...
• Class 3 Hitch. Class 3 Hitch Size: 2" x 2" receiver. ...
Class 3 Hitch Rating: Up to 5,000 Lbs. ...
• Class 4 Hitch. Class 4 Hitch Size: 2" x 2" receiver.
Class 4 Hitch Rating: Up to 7,500Lbs.
Trailer hitch locks can only be taken off with a key. These are not only useful for providing security to your
belongings but as well keep water and debris out of the hitch opening.
Hitch Mounted Tray for Coolers Or Grills
A hitch mounted tray is one of the most sought-after items today. These trays are wonderful for carrying a
Cooler or Grill for camping, boating, tailgate parties and other outdoor activities.
Apart of all the mentioned accessories, many other trailer hitch accessories can also be vital for the hitch
to function conveniently.
Motorcycle hitches of trusted manufacturers are made from high-grade steel and chrome to provide great
strength and stability to your vehicle. A hidden trailer hitch goes on invisible when not in use. Most of
the motorcycle trailer hitches available online include a 1 7/8-inch ball and receiver for standard trailer
tongues and important installation hardware.
Many of the stores online sell Harley hitches made by different manufacturers.
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