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How to make use of Google chrome cast

How to make use of Google chrome cast
While the Google device has gained considerable popularity, many people still don't know what
Chromecast is and how it works. It is a small device that connects to the TV via a cable with an
HDMI port and allows receiving the signal from multimedia devices connected on the same WiFi
network. By combining the Android 9.0 Tv Box to the Internet, it is an inexpensive way to turn
your traditional TV into a Smart TV.
If you bought a good TV before the smart TV boom, the best way to upgrade it and enjoy the
best Netflix series or watch YouTube on your screen is buying this magical gadget. Here, the
keys to understanding what Chrome cast is for and why add it to your home to alleviate the days
in times of coronavirus.
How Chromecast works and what it is
The Google device turns any TV on the market into Smart. The Chrome cast works quite quickly.
To start using it, you have to connect it to the HDMI port of the TV and link it to the WiFi
network in our house.
The good thing about Chrome cast, unlike Apple TV, to give an example, is that it is compatible
with both Android devices, be they smartphones or tablets, as well as with iOS, be they iPhone,
iPod or iPad, as with computers, have Chrome OS, Windows or Mac OS. Today in the market,
three generations of Chrome cast coexist something that has to do with the date of its release.
The latest is the 3rd generation Chrome cast, which became more popular in 2020.
How To Use Google Chrome cast
These are the steps to connect the device.
You can get it directly from an outlet or by connecting to a USB port on our TV.
Please connect to the TV: the first thing to do is connect the Chrome cast cable to our screen. It is
as easy as using the HDMI cable.
When you do, a code will appear on both screens: if it matches, everything is fine. Then you
must name the device (if you are going to have several on different televisions, it is convenient
to put the name of the environment). This is important because the Chromecast and the device
you broadcast from must be connected to the same network.
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Hope after reading this article will help you to increase your knowledge about the google
chrome cast use. It will help you to make your TV a smart TV and helps you to watch your
favourites movies on Netflix and Amazon and you will definitely enjoy it while using.