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What is digital transformation and why it is necessary for any business

Know about digital transformation, cloud and
lottechnology and advantages
Lack of knowledge, fear of change and myths about digital transformation make many
entrepreneurs get goosebumps when they hear about this topic. The consequence is that many
organizations continue with outdated and unprofitable work processes.
What is the digital transformation?
The concept of digital transformation can be confusing for some people, so we are going to try to
make it concrete. Digital transformation can be defined as the addition of new technologies in all
areas of a company to revolution the technique it works. The objective is to optimize processes,
improve their competitiveness and offer new added value to their clients.
So it's not just about buying more powerful computers, storing data in the cloud, or installing an
ERP. Digital transformation involves a change in the mind-set of managers and employees of
organizations. It is a commitment to the future towards new working methods that take advantage
of the full potential of digitization.
What is IoT?
The things and objects to which the sensors are connected to exchange data are used for
communication with the help of the Internet to make decisions called the Internet of Things. For
example, in an IoT living room, a temperature sensor warns of the next snowfall and warms the
living room before it occurs. Also, if you have an Iot Solutions based refrigerator, you will be alerted
to your diet by monitoring your health in advance and suggesting the best meals using available
The advantages of digital transformation
Incorporating digitization in all company processes generates undeniable competitive advantages in
the short and long term. These are the most important:
Boosts the culture of innovation in the company
Improves the efficiency of processes in organizations
Contributes to promoting collaborative work and internal communication
Provides fast responsiveness in a changing environment
Offers new business opportunities thanks to data analysis
Improve the customer experience and your relationship with the brand
Digital transformation can no longer be considered an option. Today, companies are in need of
renewal by adapting to digitization if they want to remain competitive.
What are the advantages of the cloudTechnology?
Using Google Drive, which has a cloud- based word processor, everything you type is automatically
saved in the cloud. There is no need to mess around with settings to make sure your work is saved,
or to designate a folder on your computer to store your saved content.
Many cloud computing services are available on demand and are fairly inexpensive. If your needs
vary from month to month, you will pay depending on how you change its use. Traditionally, there
was a risk of buying an expensive computer network and realizing that it was larger than you
needed, or perhaps discovering that the configuration you had was too small for what you needed to
The cloud technology also offers their public or private services. A cloud- based email account is an
example of a public cloud computing service. However, many companies use virtual private
networks (VPNs) to access secure private clouds, such as those that are only accessible to people
who work in a particular company or department.