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Key Advantages and disadvantages of using aerial photography

Key Advantages and disadvantages of using
aerial photography
Most people are familiar with photographs. To most people a picture is a picture and its job is to
capture an event of place at a given point in time. However, aerial photography is more than just
getting beautiful pictures and that is what aerial photography is trying to bring to us. Today, the
way in which pictures are taken is fast changing. There was a time when we would have been
content with taking the normal ground level pictures that we are so used to. Today however,
aerial photos are offering a better way of taking pictures.
Cameras are mounted on special equipments by drone photographer Sydney for the aerial
photography to be done. Such equipments could include aircrafts and drones. The pictures taken
at such heights can be used for different purposes. The purpose for which it will be used will
determine the way the photo will be taken. There are many advantages to taking pictures from an
aerial position.
The real estate drone photography Sydney is one such new standard of real estate marketing. No,
we are not talking about hiring helicopters. Gone are the days when aerial shots of the property
were taken only by those who could afford it. It was done using helicopters, however with the
invention of UAV / Drone; anyone can get the aerial shots from up to 400 ft.
Can be used in inaccessible areas; There are times when it is necessary to get a map of
an area but because of the inaccessibility of such area, no map is available. With aerial
photos, there is no need to get to the place itself to be able to take pictures. You can get a
good representation of the area by taking aerial pictures.
Allows for easy monitoring; Aerial photos are great when you are trying to monitor a
landscape for any type of changes and this is done by licensed drone services Sydney.
The fact that pictures can be taken on a day to day basis means that you can make a very
good comparison of what is happening in the area simply by looking at the pictures. That
is how it has been possible to show the effect of deforestation over a few years.
Easy to process; Unlike other forms of presentation of data like maps that may take long
periods to process, aerial photos can be ready for use in just a few hours.
Ground features difficult to detect; in aerial photos, it may be hard to detect some
ground features. This may make the photos difficult to interpret especially where there
are no symbols.
Positions are approximate; it is hard to tell the exact position and scale of a feature on
the picture. The best that can be gotten is an approximated value.
Affected by weather; sometimes it may be impossible to take good pictures in poor
Despite its disadvantages, most of which can be worked around with a little more technology,
aerial photography still remains a great tool. That is the reason why it has found a place in areas
like geography, disaster management, and environmental management.